Bold color? Gor for it!

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The all black look

I have to confess that I really love black! I really like wearing all black outfits and maybe with only a spot of red lipstick! I admit that I found this kind of look interesting, mysterious and yes, I do look thinner in all black too.

Welcome colors!

OK! But at some point, recently, I got tired of it. I told myself that this year I will (try) not buy anything black. It is very hard, believe me! The last thing that I bought was a skirt not black, no… but grey with black. Thanks God for those stripes of grey that I don’t feel like ruining my own promise. So, I would like to propose to you too… to forget about all those black clothing until October and Be more Colorful, more joyful and happier! Today my eyes were pleased by this pretty, delicate and extremely nice girl called Mirella. I love the color of her trousers and that bag?! Come on! It’s to die for – I love it!  What we can learn from Mirella’s look?

  • If you are afraid of bold colors, just go for beige!
  • If you just want to make that color even stronger, use (again) neutrals or basics (black & white).
  • Mixing strong colors with beige also protects you from the risk of appearing a “clown” – and we don’t want that, right?

Hope you enjoy the photos! Muchas gracias, Mirella! beige-trench-and-brown-boots-fashion-gilt beige-coat-green-boots

Happy happy Joy joy!

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