3 looks for colored happy shoes

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Style Advisor wants to help you to find your personal style which fits you perfectly. For this purpose, one step is to offer you inspirational advice on how to mix items that you see in stores or on the web and before buying them, you would like to have an idea on how to use them.

How to wear golden & colored shoes

One super sweet fan of Style Advisor sent us an email and asked how she can wear these happy and colorful shoes from Mishka (mishka.ro)

Colored golden shoes First, lets analyze a bit our key element:

  • The shoes have a golden aspect – therefore, avoid silver jewelry! Unless you combine silver with gold – for example bracelets that have the same shape, both in golden and silver. This is already a super style!
  • The shoes are colored, with more green and yellow – we will try not overweight the look with more colors or patterns. In order to let them be the center of attention of the outfit, we can easily choose one color items and if it is possible one of those colors that are predominant in that drawing – green &/ yellow.
  • The drawing is funny and nice – so it’s telling us that we should not exaggerate with childish elements if you have already passed puberty 🙂
  • The shoes are flat, they have no high heels and together with the model – we understand that are more suitable for informal happenings like going out for a coffee, for a girls meeting, or even going to classes (mixing it a bit with some “more serious” items). But, for sure the shoes are not for clubbing, conferences, going to work, except maybe on an informal Friday and so on.

So, after this short overview of the heart of our outfits, it is easier to establish what we will be looking for. Next, we propose you three looks for how to combine colorful and happy shoes!

Colorful looks based on color and shiny shoes

1. First look

Blue jeans with mint shirt and goldes accessories

Almost everything can go with the blue jeans and a white shirt combination. This look can be easily considered an “almost serious” one and you can wear it on a casual Friday or to classes. We add this cool cigarette blue jeans (this type will make your legs appear longer and skinnier) and this mint & soft Zara shirt. That mint shade is so trendy this spring and summer.       We chose that modern necklace in order to connect the lower part with the upper part of the look. Therefore, we have a chic and well done assemble. Colorful and trendy!  The golden bag completes the look perfectly. We really love the design of the bag that’s why we used it to finish the second look too.

Green dress and Zara bag for a relax look

2. The second outfit

Summer dress with colored shoes and golden accessories

This second look is my type of summertime outfit “feminine and sexy summer day”. I love those days when you just throw an easy dress, some colored shoes and a cool bag and leave the house. All day long feeling feminine, comfortable and gorgeous! Of course, do not forget about the sun cream protection in order to sleep well!

Mango Loose Trousers

3. Third choice


This look is a combination of bold colors. But not any color – there are the colors that we can find in the shoes draw. Those silk and loose trousers will make you feel so comfortable and of course chic, all day long. For an even more stylish aspect, you can roll the lower part. Fashion tip: Wearing high-heels shoes with this pants, your legs will appear longer and slimmer. In order to let the shoes be the center of attention, you can choose a beige bag or even a beige hat. Following the same idea, during the night you can get warm with a beige jacket for not stealing the attraction from the shoes. We hope that you like the looks and that we feel inspired by them! Don’t forget that starting with just one item, we can create thousands of possible looks, but what is important is to find the outfit that is perfect for YOU and the one that can be easily adapted to what you have already in your closet. Because, in the end, the purpose is to shop wise! So, if you don’t have idea how to mix clothing or if you are looking for more inspiration on how to combine your own pieces, just contact us! Tell us, which one is your favorite? ★ Happy happy Joy joy ★

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