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Hair Play Inspiration from Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is definitely an inspiration. Looking at her, anyone could notice that she is so versatile when it comes to acting or choosing the roles, the clothing and (omg!) even when it comes to haircuts and hair colors.

Anne Hathaway with a personalized black dress

With the occasion of her new blonde look and that oh breathless dress (by Valentino), I thought it may be helpful to put down three ways in which Anne Hathaway is inspiring us:

  1. It is not a tragedy to cut your hair. I mean it’s really not! Life is about experiencing and until you don’t try something, you do not know how it really fits you – maybe you are running away from your best look ever. So, if you feel bored by your long straight hair, just to go for a change. Come on, it is just hair! If it’s not OK, it will grow because as an old friend said once “What’s the hair only doing? It grows. And that’s it!” Well, he is a guy so he doesn’t know too many things about hair, doh! However, coming back to haircuts, if you are in a mood for a change but hesitating, I am telling you to just do it! Life is short so let’s have fun as long as we are here 😉
  2. Being natural is a winning game! Anne is always natural in her way of being, laughing, talking and acting. Next to some other “real” actresses (for example Kate Hudson who is so proud and going so sexy with her minimal chest), we can notice that it is possible to become a celebrity without friends like Botox, silicones or “by mistake” porn videos.  You can really act without Botox; you can have great job deals without acting in an off-hand movie for adults. And in the end, you can be super sexy without flashing your boobs out, nor being anorexic.
  3. It’s all about attitude! This attitude comes from many aspects but I could name some as self-esteem, being true to yourself, working with passion and dedication or at least trying to be every day better and better, living with healthy principles, sharing love and care. It is obvious that Anne has a remarkable attitude that allows her to act very well and also playing with looks and haircuts. She knows how to “wear” herself so good, that it really doesn’t matter the color or length of her hair, or if it’s dress or masculine suit, or if it’s short or long.

Anne Hathaway brunette with white dress for the Oscars

So, dear girls, life is short and since we are around, let’s have some fun! Fun with our friends, fun with ourselves, fun with our work tasks, fun with our clothes and yes….come on!, even fun with our hair! Fashion tip: In everything keep the balance – cause making you hair pink with grey highlights may not be the favorite look of your boss, neither of your bank clients.

Tell me how do you prefer Anne – blonde or brunette?

Anne Hathaway with long hair

★ Happy happy Joy joy ★

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