Eurovision, without any vision

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Eurovision Fashion

I have to recognize I didn’t pay too much attention to the entire contest except the sharing-points moment. And yes, I had such a great time with the representatives of some countries… what can I say more? I was laughing out loud, and I have to admit that some of them really made history. In general, from a fashion perspective, I’m very disappointed by the contest. I know that it is a music contest, but I was expecting that some stylists would help the participants with some ideas, but no. Except the natural stylish born Italian guy, of course! Let’s see some NO and again NO WAY looks from the contest.

Switzerland – 1 point


So, I can’t breath! And I really hope I’m not the only that had to close the eyes when seeing this couple. So, let’s begin the analysis: first, you really do NOT have to dress like your partner and he definitely does NOT have to dress like you either (poor him)! It is really OK for you to wear a dress and for him to keep going with a suit. Secondly, you really don’t have to look like baby twins…. I mean, I know there is a weird trend and men are forced to wear something (as a tie for example) in the same color as the woman’s dress but it is fine without the “twin” matching! Trust me! Thirdly, please do NOT ever wear your jeans and your white shirt like this! This trend was fine in the period when I was looking for a good high school to go to. And that was happening maybe 13 years ago. Not only that it is super old; but it is a dusty and an unpleasant mix for the eye. It is such a forced combination and … I really don’t find the words to describe the “Ehhh” feeling. And we are in 2013! However, to sum up:

Fashion advice

  • You don’t have to match your colored shoes with your belt! No, really!
  • Do not even look to those kinds of belts! Again, I can’t believe this is a 2013 look at an European contest…
  • You don’t have to tuck so uncomfortably the shirt in your pants.
  • Please avoid having everything too tight on your body  – oh, I cannot look again at those pants.

Norway – 2 points


If it wasn’t for that way-too-tight dress of Margaret, I think she would have won. The main problem with the tight-fitting dress is that she couldn’t move. You can see how she tries at some point to dance, to move her hips but … wait! No, that was impossible!

Fashion advice

It is very important to feel great in your clothes and at the same time to have the freedom of moving as you wish. And even more important in her case, because as an artist she should had sent the vibe and emotion through her stage act. Another problem is that (sorry!) but that dress is lacking chicness. It that kind of piece that seems pretty but in fact, when you look closer has a “trashy” aspect or “from-the-Chinese-neighborhood-store” look. And being that type of bandage material, that slit is definitely making NO sense! And she has such a beautiful body but that dress doesn’t help her to show correctly the curves despite of its tight-fitting. Sorry, but from my perspective the Norway outfit is such a No, no!

Israel – 3 points

Israel-eurovision-dressShowing your “everything” is NOT making you more feminine, nor more chic and definitely not more thin! If you are lucky to have great chest, you really don’t have to cut your top in order to reveal maybe 80% of them. That kind of cleavage would be easily find in a club, on Saturday night, on a girl who is eager to have some fun and attract some masculine looks, but not at European level contest.

That décolletage wouldn’t be so dramatic if the whole dress hasn’t been so tight on her curved body. I don’t want to be too harsh, but those white stripes which I guess that had the purpose to make her look slimmer …well they didn’t function.

Eurovision of fashion

  • Finland – 4 points – tried to convince us that she’s Madonna’s sister. And she succeed!
  • France – 5 points – she remind me of Kylie Minogue.
  • Rusia – 6 points –  a sweet girl in a too shy dress.
  • Estonia – 7 points – maybe too comfortable dress. Looks very similar with the dresses that I used to do with the bed sheets when I was 7.
  • Spain – 8 points – brought some color to the show.
  • Italy – 9 points – I love men in suits!
  • Ukraine – 10 points – love the dress!


Petra the guest of the show – 12 points (not!) She is a complex study. I would need an article just for her. Without saying anything more about her, you can easily take a look of this photo and judge it yourself (make-up….hair…dress)


Congratulations Denmark! Congratulations Emmelie!

The natural beauty and simplicity won! I want to emphasize the fact that I’m not a fan of skinny bodies, not at all! I want to transmit you that we have to accept the way we look and to dress according to our own shape. Without exaggerating with tight clothing which in the end, they will make us look even fatter than we are! We can show our body lines but in a soft and feminine way. And we have to feel GOOD in our clothes! They have to give us freedom of moving, freedom of breathing and living in a Happy happy Joy joy mood!

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