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Hola everyone, Let’s do some business! I have noticed that in general girls get along pretty good with the casual outfits, maybe even for elegant – special occasions looks, when it comes to the business-like appearance, the situation seems to be a bit standard. And I think you know as well the formal look of the century – black pants, white shirt and black “grandma’s style” shoes. To detail: I bet you know those black pants that are either too loose, either to stretch – not OK, not for 8hour run around the office.

Fashion Office Advice

  • The white shirt – many times it is way too tight-fitting and not to mention, not white anymore, because of many washes or not enough. And the shoes – when it comes to formal look, even the stylish girls adopt sometimes shoes that even my father would find them old-fashioned. But now, you are on good hands. I collected three office-looks from my Pinterest Board dedicated to this subject and I chose three items to help you when shopping for your new Boss-look! Neutrals – why don’t you change that black with some lighted colors, for example beige, light grey and more white? You’ll have a fresh look and it will give you even to yourself a more positive state-of-mind. Not to mention that you will definitely point out that you are not afraid to be different.
  • Feminine accessories – a formal look doesn’t mean a masculine look. It is advisable to add to your outfit elegant and modern pieces to keep your femininity on top of the record. A modern necklace will state that you are up-to-date and not afraid to express yourself. Some soft earrings will outline nicely your face and give a sweet touch to your tough decisions!
  • Modern & non-black shoes – come on!!! There are so many shoes with high heels and super comfortable, perfect for an office-look.!You know how high-heels shoes give you that straight walk and impose you a straight posture – the perfect one to knock them down with your presentation!

Putting the words into photos… Collection of items for a business look outfit for the office grey-skirt-formal-business-lookModern & feminine accessoriesgrey-skirt-business-look-beige-office-outfitModern businessbeige_shoes_grey_skirt_formal_lookStay with us! At the next meeting we will come with the Colors 4 Business Proposal 🙂 office-black-skirt-and-yellow-blouse-office-look Photos: Pinterest

Happy happy Joy joy!

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