The fuchsia tattoo – love at first sight

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Saturday City Hunter

This Saturday I was waiting for the metro and suddenly my thoughts were disturbed my this gorgeous tattoo! I don’t know if you find as awesome as I do, but I have to mention that it has the same floral model that I was once dreaming of making my own tattoo. But life went on and I didn’t make any tattoo… And I don’t know or how, but my desire for one dropped with the years.fuchsia-tattoo-super-photoAnyway, coming back to This tattoo – well, I couldn’t let her go ­čÖé So I asked her permission for a photo and Voila! But I didn’t stop here. Then, while talking, we got along pretty well, so I asked for more photos of her style. And now I have the pleasure to share with you these pics and I also made a new stylish friend. So, why do I like her style? She is wearing comfortable clothes – this is always stylish! But comfortable, doesn’t mean clothes with 2 sizes bigger more than what you should wear. She is wearing a cool fuchsia lipstick – which is not necessary there in order to match the shoes but to give a colored touch of the look. She is wearing a bag that combines the two main colors of her outfit – this theory I like a lot. Two main colors and usual accessories that combine those colors. And like this you make you unity your assemble! Thank you, Min! casual-great-look-with-fuchsia-loaferssunglasses-great.sunnies-fuchsiacasual-look-for-weekend-fuchsiapointed-or-round-loafers-perfect-for-spring

Happy happy joy joy!



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