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Trends to adapt

Hola, Everywhere you look these days, on any fashionista corner, you can see a JUMPSUIT – short, long, with straps or strapless, with lace or without, denim or not, for day or night…. The jumpsuit rocks these days! I have one myself since 2 years ago so I am wondering why it took so much to make it popular.

Style tips and tricks

  1. Pay attention to the design of the jumpsuit. In order to be fit on your body and not to create the effect of “pregnancy” or of “boy pants”.
  2. If it has any pattern, avoid other accessories. Keep it simple! The jumpsuit itself is already complicated for the eye, so you don’t want to risk looking “too-much style”.
  3. Choose one jumpsuit that has a very good waste line; otherwise it will appear like a 1year baby romper and this is not chic
  4. Go for a good qualitative material. In order to look really stylish with a jumpsuit, choose an ethnic/tribal pattern for day and soft, silk for night.
  5. Don’t wear it on a date! Make sure that you are hanging out with friends so they can help you when going to the ladies room 🙂 And I am not kidding – the jumpsuit is not “bathroom friendly” – and I am speaking from experience! Luckily, I am an easy-going person and I have no problem asking to other girls to help me unzipped my jumpsuit, but yes! It’s difficult to wear it.  Here are some of my findings on online fashion store!

By day Girl in a black jumpsuit, trendy for this summer time Black, simple and easy to wear @H&M Girl in jumpsuit from Guess Chic and sweet summer jumpsuit @Guess Trendy Zara style playsuit for the summer Beautiful red with a twist design, simple yet chic @Zara Trendy girl posing in a Forever21 jumpsuit Beige Chiffon Playsuit @Forever21 Patterns Ethnic tribal pattern from Stradivarius jumpsuit Two type of ethnic patterns, so you can have to choose from @Stradivarius Asos summer trend in black and white Black and white – very feminine @Asos Girl with jumpsuit in a  stylish blue tribal pattern Tribal blue and red – check out the golden necklace @Forever21 Denimi Summer trendy girl wearing a jumpsuit Soft denim and perfect for summertime@Tommy Hilfiger Trendy summer 2013 jumpsuit Quilted shoulders and chambray denim jumpsuit @Forever21 girl with jumpsiut denim trendy summer pink shoes Playful polka dots denim for a girly style @Vero Moda by night Jumpsuit by Asos for street style in summer Strong color, lace and golden zipper – go for Friday night dancing @Asos Black and white lace by Topshop Lace back and elegant design @Topshop Two photos of a jumpsuit Golden touches and precious material @Mango Cool blue Zara summer 2013 fashion style One shoulder design, amazing soft and elegant material @Zara How not to war it Long playsuit by Mango for girl, summer trend And this last model of jumpsuit, I do not recommend it! Why? – looks too much like the uniform of the “mechanical guy” – it’s way too much denim in just one outfit – and it is lacking feminine and chicness, don’t you think so? ★★★Happy happy Joy joy★★★

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