Style Advice no. 7 – Use Sun Cream Protection

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I love summer and all that comes with it – sexy tanned skin, holidays, beach, cocktails, exotic looks….Oh, yeah!

Protection is youth

But no matter how chic a tanned skin can be, we should not leave ourselves go into the craziness of sun burning. Even that a chic tan will make us even more gorgeous during the 2 months of summer, in the other days of the year we will be suffering and complaining about how bad our skin looks like.
Believe me and trust me, excessive tan is not good for you, won’t make you any sexier, or more interesting! It will only damage your skin irreversible.

Sun cream protection for the summer

I do not want to go like an example, but yes, I do not leave my house without my daily face cream which, no matter the season, has sun protection factor. I prefer to get tanned gradually and have my skin healthy. Maybe for this reason, in the last journey, in Cyprus, when I wanted to enter in the Casino, the security guy asked for my ID in order to check if I am older than 18 (I have to admit, I wasn’t wearing any makeup and I was dressed super casual) – he made my trip and my all year!

Anyway, I don’t want with the life-lesson too much, so I will finish here – USE Sun Protection Cream! You will be as beautiful, gorgeous and sexy as you already are!

Sun tanned beautiful girl at the beach

Me … last year … in the end of summer. Yes, I love to go to the beach 🙂 Guilty.

Happy happy Joy joy!

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