Style Inspiration – The power of accessories

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Seeing this pretty lady, I realize that I have to share it with you and to repeat somehow the power of accessories. It is so easy to be stylish and stay chic!
Today’s example is about a simple beige dress. It may not be anything special at the first sight, but accessorizing correctly, it can transform you into a Goddess of Style and All-Chicness ๐Ÿ™‚

Style Advice

1. Choose the right size of the dress! This is a basic rule, but I would like to recall it – just in case. Not to tided, not to loose. However, sometimes I prefer to go for a bigger size and to feel suffocated by my clothing.

2. Add interesting accessories– a great belt, a colored necklace, colored shoes. Almost anything can go with it.

3. Do not be afraid to keep it simple – it is so easy to be stylish if you keep the look clean, fresh and easy. Really, you do not have to add anything exaggerate just in order to be cool! You do not have to add sparkles just because you may feel too dull.

โ˜… So, keep it simple but chic-touched by accessories โ˜…

Model in a beige dress

Great Style Inspiration

Cameron Diaz chose a simple beige dress and the accessories are not even colored and still she is super cool! Indeed they are modern and interesting design but she is keeping a clean and smooth outfit! Well, go for it too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cameron Diaz in a beige and black dress

Miranda Kerr goes for a caramel shoes, light blue bag, brown belt and gorgeous sunglasses. Of course, not to forget her gorgeous smile . And as you know, your smile is your best accessory ever ever ever and totally irreplaceable ๐Ÿ™‚

Glamorous white supermodel Miranda Kerr

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a super chic nude dress and she complements it with wild-leopard boots and brown clutch bag!

Chic ensemble by Jennifer Lopez

Happy happy Joy joy

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