Style Advice no. 8 – Fake tan? Be real!

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Summer style advice

Ladies, I understand the obsession of caramel skin, and a perfect tan and if it is possible to be all year long 🙂 Believe me, I love my tanned body and I feel like a Goddess during summer but… if you choose to fake it, at least keep the balance and be wise! Exaggerations are no good!

Fashion tip

For a more natural aspect, try bronze powder for cheeks or some auto-tanned tissues. What ever you do, please do not exaggerate!

Be natural

And I am sorry for all you that you love this photo, but you are not sexy with such a face! Maybe your boyfriend is telling you so, and even your mother but trust me! They tell you this because they love you and they don’t want to hurt you feelings or to make that “pretty shinny glowing tanned” face sad 🙂

Be real, be natural… you are divine, gorgeous, amazing and beautiful without fake tan, without exaggerations! It is just the way you are …

Style advice 8 - Ugly fake tan

Summer summer Happy happy Joy joy!

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