Casual look – how to wear patterns

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How to wear “many flowers”

I have realized lately that I cannot be a fashion blogger without photos of myself in the mirror. So, therefore, I will start this traditional way of expressing outift-Of-The-day with this simple casual look.

Floral t-shirt with blue jeans and orange shoes

I love this T-shirt! I am obsessed with it because first, it has the Moldavian rose and it always remembers me about my home country and secondly, because I bought it from Zara, on sales with only 5 euros! – yes! I know I am the master of sales (sometimes).

So, I will use this photo and this close-to-my-heart T-shirt to share with you some simple tips about how to wear patterns. As I explained in the photo below, in order to pop-up a patterned item, you have to combine it with simple, one color clothing. To be super stylish, you should try to find exactly those colors that there are in the pattern.

In case you are wondering – bluejeans and bag are from Zara and the shoes are older.

3 Steps to match properly

Chic floral pop up pattern

Try it and let me know how these ideas are working for you!

Happy happy Joy joy!

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