The Royal Pattern – Polka dots

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I have no doubt that the Royal family’s favorite pattern is the “Polka Dot” pattern! Yuhuuu – it is so funny and so full of happiness! Well done, Kate!  I also love the fact she is wearing platforms, and not flats. I love flats, but a princess, and to be honest, any other lady, looks better with some high-heels (no exaggerations, of course).

Besides this fashion statement, I really like that Kate is looking indeed like a fresh mom, with a post-birth belly which is super normal! I really appreciate that. I am tired of seeing celebrity mothers going out of the hospital after getting birth looking so skinny, so glamorous like they have been to a party. Well done twice, Kate!

With this occasion, I have to share my eternal love, respect and admiration for Lady Diana … way too soon taken among us. She is still an inspiration for us! And I really hope she is not an inspiration only from a fashion point of view, because what she did was more than having a great style; she was sharing her heart, helping the others and creating a better world. Never to be forgotten!

°°°° Kisses in polka dots °°°°

How to wear polka dots like a princess

★ Happy happy Royal Joy joy ★

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