Gorgeous shiny dress

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Last weekend I was in Benidorm (Spain), and I had an amazing time! It was so necessary … Of course, I will post more photos soon.

Saturday night, at a restaurant in a camping, I saw this pretty lady with such a gorgeous shiny dress – believe me! I couldn’t stop looking at her. Of course, I told her this and she was more than kind to pose for me. It was such a pleasure to start talking about the dress, shoes and all these girly things when suddenly is telling me that she has an online store called Virgo Boutique –  VIRGO link. Wow – such a lucky girl!

Girls, if you admire someone or you like a lot a thing of somebody, tell these to those persons! You will bring them a sincere and positive smile 🙂 Everybody loves to hear compliments, but I don’t know why sometimes you are afraid to do so… Come on, lets share more happy thoughts and build a more positive world!

So, I hope you enjoy the photos. Sorry about the quality, but they were taking with my phone (like most of my photos actually), by night, after at least 1 Piña Colada and in a poor light. By the way: maybe more than any other summer, this year the White Dress is a must.

Lady in a white dress next to the pool

Amazing white wedding dress

Girl at poolside with white gorgeous dress

Gorgeous platform shoes for summer

Fashion girl at poolside with white dress

Happy happy Joy joy

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