Summer Goddess – the effect of long skirts

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This post is about a modern goddess, or at least this is what my gorgeous friend is inspiring us. We took some photos to show you how to wear a long skirt. Due to the model’s beauty, the photos are also amazing. I hope you like them. And of course, some style advices about wearing long skirts.

Fashion Advice 

  1. Petite girls should avoid it or wear it always with high heels – I am telling from experience 🙂 I am not that tall and it is hard for me to find a perfect skirt that doesn’t shrinks my height.
  2. Find the perfect design to fit your body – be attentive to not make your hips way to big. It should flow smooth on your hips and then legs.
  3. You can accessorize it in a Greek/Roman theme – straps sandals, cuff bracelets, even an interesting belt.

And, I cannot mention one important thing referring to long skirtsall men around me, who are my friends and sincere to me, they told me that: 1. “You look better in shorts”,  or 2. “Long skirts are too serious” or “You look beautiful, but can you change it?” …

So, girls, I don’t know want to believe anymore – I’m thinking that like many another fashion items, long skirts is something that impact only us, women and less men. Or, … am I wrong?

Please, test it for me. Try to get an honest opinion of your boyfriend, brother, men friends about it and let me know!

Beautiful lady in a long skirt

Summer girl in a long skirt

Summer trend: The long skirt

Cool summer trends

Larisa wears:

  • Skirt is from: Be Loved
  • Black Top: Primark
  • Sandals: family gift

Happy happy Joy joy

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