Going on holidays with Style Advisor – Paris

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Part of Style Advisor team is on holidays, going around Europe – yupii! I couldn’t resist not sharing these awesome photos from my sweet and beautiful Andrea. These days, she is in Paris but going ahead Germany. Meanwhile, I will try to steal some more photos and keep you up-date with her holiday style. 

Paris Look

  • Long red skirt(from Zara) – easy to mix with many things and not taking to much of your luggage space while traveling 😉 For more inspirational photos about how to wear a long skirt, check this blog post.
  • White tee (from Zara)with a cool design. A basic tee is so easy with another items and always create original and different looks. Don’t forget to take it in your vacation!
  • Golden sandals (from Guess). I’ve told you! Golden sandals  are so easy to mix, they are having a bit of glamorous touch and you stay super chic and comfortable.
  • Going to the accessories, she is having a big bag (from Dior) no explanations necessary
  • Many colored bracelets and you cannot love that cool golden cuff bracelet
  • A cool, modern golden – dusty necklace

Merci beaucoup, Andrea!

Enjoy Paris through Andrea’s style!

Lady white shirt and red skirt in Paris

Wearing a red skirt and great sunglasses in Paris

Lady in red in Paris during Fashion week France

Andrea style 1

Andrea style 2

Happy happy joy joy!

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