What to wear on summer holiday? Stripes, denim and some leopard in Rome

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Holiday in Rome

Holiday in Rome


I’m Andreea from Style Advisor and I’m on vacation – yupi! First stop: Italy, Rome
I was in Rome for three days and, what can I say more than… I love this city!

I have seen everything that is important and even more, due to my wonderful guide, my boyfriend – he is definitely not Italian but he had been many times in Rome and he knows pretty everything what is important and even all those local cool areas unknown to tourists.

Yes! Rome is amazing! It is full of art, history, legends, culture, inspiration, ice-cream and people. I was amazed by the impressive number of fountains, statues and majestic buildings. Even before going there, people told me about them, I didn’t believe them too much. But now, I have to admit that Yes! Rome has wonderful pieces of history at every corner, without exaggerations.

Going to the delicious part of my trip, for my first 2 days I didn’t eat ice-cream, I don’t know why. Oh, yes, I do – because all the time I was eating like a pig (sorry silhouette) and/or between meals I was thinking: “Oh My God, I can’t eat anything now”. However, in the last day, once I tried the first ice-cream (because I told to myself I HAVE to), I couldn’t stop 🙂 literally! It is indeed super good! However, you have to find a great place, because I bought one from a restaurant and it didn’t impress me at all; but for example, the Gelateria in front of the Fontana de Trevi is a must – they have very very good stuff there.

My conclusion is that I have to see again Rome!

My summer holiday look

  • Striped T-shirt from Mango – I feel awesome in it, and I’m wearing it like crazy. Actually, my mother bought it for her but I love it so much so I had to steal it. That is why is XL size.
  • Denim Shorts – mine are from H&M, Divided. These shorts are a must for a summer vacation. They are so easy to combine them and they look chic in hundreds of combinations.
  • Leopard Print Shoes – from Zara (you can see them here too). Their heels are very comfortable, but you can choose to wear this pattern in sandals, snickers, espadrilles, Birkenstock shoes
  • Beige bag – is a must for summer! The reason is that in the summer, we are wearing more light colors and a black bag would be a contrast way too strong and not pleasant for the outfit.
  • Sunglasses – no explication needed.
  • A chic necklace – why? Because accessories can give that touch of originality and chicness of any simple, basic look. I love this necklace because it keeps the marine theme created with the stripes blouse.

Info Tourist Point

  • Ice cream starting from 3 euros
  • A slice of pizza – around 3.50 euros
  • Lunch (central places) around 25 euros
  • 2 EUR a bottle of water in the center area, but keep the first bottle and then you can refill it from the local water fountains
  • 1.50 EUR metro ticket
  • Avoid taxis – it is super expensive. At least, from my experience: I took it my night and started from around 7 euros and kept going…
  • 7 euros entrance to Duomo de San Pedro

Leopard shoes and flip flops on holiday

Spanish steps in Rome

Spanish steps in Rome

Fashion girl in Rome

Holiday in Rome

Leopard shoes in Rome

Blue and white stripes, a denim short casual look for summer

Beautiful fashion blogger in Rome

Funny lion photo in Italy

I am waiting for your comments and if you visited Rome, tell me about your experience there!
Happy happy Joy joy


  1. Irina C.

    at 9:43 am

    Super faine pozele! Si mie imi place mult Roma!

  2. Bettina

    at 10:20 am

    The beautiful Andreea in front of the amazing scenery of Rome.
    I know her personally and would like to note: She is special, not only beautiful and with a good taste, but also very, very sympathic, intelligent and modest=

    • Style Advisor

      at 11:48 am

      Thank you so much Bettina!
      I feel overwhelmed by these beautiful words. I can easily say the same things about you!
      Thank you again.
      Kisses and hugs :*

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