Denim + denim = Love

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Who doesn’t love denim?

I really love denim! I could wear it all the time, all day, everywhere; and maybe I’m really doing it and I’m not aware. And I’m wondering who doesn’t?

For this late august and for these last days of summer, I propose you a denim love combination: shorts and shirt. This couple is so chic and so casual, just perfect outfit from morning to evening.

Style advice

  • Mix smart! You have two options when mixing right denim – either you can go for the same style/color/shade of denim; either you choose to mix strong contrasts. Contrasting means you have an almost white denim with a dark blue denim.
  • Right shoes! During the day, you can easily wear Converse, flats or espadrilles. But for night, choose something higher: high heels – sandals, platforms, pumps for a more elegant (and sexier) aspect.
  • All accessories! The denim couple can go with almost any type of bags, bracelets, earrings. You know that I’m saying all the time that black bag is not universally suitable, well, for this look even a black bag can be fine enough. Regarding jewelry, you can choose either only silver/golden or either colored bracelets and necklaces or…why not? mixing them all up.

Enjoy these lovely examples 

Denim looks, how to wear denim shorts

Denim looks

Alexa Chung indigo girl

Denim shirt

Denim shirt and denim shorts, a great casual look

Denim shorts and chanel bag, cool look
Denim shirt and shorts, cool style advisor combo

Navy denim shorts

Denim shirt, wrangler shirt

Do you like denim combinations? Do you wear denim items – nothing, normal, or a lot

Happy happy Joy joy

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