Style Advice no. 10 – Use the power of accessories

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You know that I am obsessed with accessories! Well, no surprise that my number 10 advice would be one related to them.

Try the unexpected

I found this photo on Tumblr and I realized that it is a good example to show you how to incorporate unexpected details through our accessories. I have to admit that I like these crazy little things and they are great to express originality and creativity. However, for a chic and casual – smart look, try to find discreet shades of the “weird” accents. I am thinking that you do not want to look like a sister of Lady Gaga, right?

Enjoy girls! By the way, do you have such crazy elements? Maybe earrings in form of a car, a bag like a mushroom and so on? Well, I am looking forward to you sharing with me the power of accessories!

Style Advisor accessories

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