Words about the perfect beauty of imperfection

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Today I am going to take a short break from fashion advice and I want to talk to you about imperfection and its perfect beauty. I love to write and I tried for a long time not to write anything else but fashion, but I gave up. So, from now on, I will have the courage to share with you my thoughts, stories and emotions. So, today some words about perfection …

Addicted to perfection

There are amazing software that a skilled hand could make you from super fat a super skinny, from brunette blonde, from eating pizza to smiling sexy and so on. Let’s face it, we have these tools at our hands. Lately, I was really disappointed because I’ve seen many bloggers retouched, and I find it a bit “cheating” because bloggers should show the natural side of life, talk about reality and tell their story. But anyway, each one decides what’s best for him/her.

I’m amazed that despite all this technology and “perfection” tools, we are still captivated by drawings and crayon portraits. It may be something nostalgic … it may be something romantic, but what it is for sure it’s the pleasure of something unique, natural and most of all, imperfect.  This is one of the reasons that I love handmade things, natural and spontaneous people, noisy laughs and complicated stories – for their imperfect beauty. Let’s face it! Photoshop photos are boring, the retouched faces of models look all so dumb and cold, and not to forget how depressing can be those photos for some of us standing outside of the software, in the real life.

We are not meant for perfection

At least, we are not meant for this cold, glamourous magazine perfection. The real perfection comes when emotions are melting into looks, into laughters, into sketches, or into moments. Perfection is when you can really feel the other one’s positive energy so strong that lifts you up. Perfection is real life, with real people and feelings, with transpiration and dreams, with love and tears … perfection is you, and you, and him, and her … and me.

And my perfect illustration

I love everything that’s natural and I’m obsessed with checking the energies around me, so this would be extra reasons to love this illustration made by Marita. Thank you so much, sweetie and I’m waiting for more – hihi (this was a spontaneous reaction).

There is no fashion blog without an illustration of the main face of that blog, right? Well, with this speech about perfect beauty of imperfection I wanted in fact to introduce very proudly my first illustration of me received it from a very talented and sweet lady called Marita. You may recognize the photo which inspired her, if not, check the blog post with the real photo here:


Thank you for reading and many thanks to Marita Muñoz Gordillo

You all make me feel so special!

Illustration of a brunette girl

Happy happy Joy joy

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