You are unique and amazing! Show it!

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I have a problem with this behavior. A serious one! I don’t understand the situation below! My first, my second and third question would be “Why?” and no matter the answer I would receive, I would still continue to say…. “But, why?”

Girls dress, boring not cool

Let me explain myself

  • The idea is that if I see around three girls wearing the same shoes in one week, believe me! I will definitely not buy those shoes!
  • If there is a “popular bag”, I am promising you that I will buy an almost totally different one.
  • Or if I hear the shop assistants saying the magic sentence “Oh, this is so trendy, everybody is crazy about it!”, in just 2 seconds I’m out of the store. 

Well, this is just me. And taking all these into consideration, how should I understand the “Let’s dress alike” situation? Me, who is running all the time from the “popular items”, me who is afraid of not “being the same”, “having the same” and so on… And there is no “against the world” syndrome; it is not an obsession of being different, I just consider myself being unique and special, so I’m trying to run away from the crowd. And I’m not wearing Lady Gaga clothing either! I’m just avoiding the mainstream and keep going with what I think looks good on me.

Thinking of this, I have to confess that I’m pretty happy because during the years, I realized that this strategy is one of the things that makes me “Unique and amazing” in the eyes of the others. I don’t want to brag, but this is reality; when everybody is wearing white and you are coming suddenly in red, you will definitely be the center of attention and I’m sure you will feel exactly how you are: unique and gorgeous.

Girls, and boys, we are unique and we should express that. We should not be afraid of showing who we are and wearing what we love and what we consider to be cool.

I don’t want to make a lesson of being unique, I just want to draw attention that we should respect our ideas, thoughts and believes. Otherwise, in time, we can reach a point of not feeling ourselves anymore and felling lost in the crowd, lost in triviality …

So, follow yourself! Love your friend, but on the long run, follow just yourself! 
What do you think about “duplicates”?

Happy happy Joy joy!

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