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All the advice shared here are inspired by my daily life and even in greater amount by your questions. Therefore, since these day I had a business trip just for 3 days, before leaving to the airport, my special friend Manutook some photos of me … and while flying, I put my thoughts here. Since, I’m always seeing girls who are coming to the airport directly from some fancy parties – otherwise I can’t explain their outfits; I’m sure you would like some tips and ideas on how to look super chic (and comfortable) when traveling.

Take a look to my favorite traveling outfit for autumn and winter time. The denim shirt + beige sweater had already become a uniform for me in this situations. There can be a chance that the Valencia airport employees can even recognize me by this combination 🙂

Hat, leather pants and a denim shirt

Fashion tips for traveling chic

  • Wear chic, and absolutely necessary, comfortable clothes. Your outfit should be comfortable enough to let you run – in case you are missing the boarding or to catch the next train. They should be made of great fabrics so you can easily spend hours in a chair and still not feeling itching, tighten and so on.
  • Wear the right shoes. Girls, trust me! Nothing is more bad-tasting for me than the girls wearing mega pumps, or with platform & high-heels of 15cm. Believe me – those are NOT trendy, elegant, appropriate etc in the airport, are not trendy in the train station! They are pretty for a Friday/Saturday/going out night and full stop! And on the other side, in case you are in a hurry, I don’t want to know how you would handle the problem of being a speedy Gonzales, when it seems to be very hard even walking in them. And should I even mention the probability of an emergence situation or accident? When moving fast (or faster than the others) so you can save your life (or others)? I think I made my point.
  • Go for two layers! When travelling, the best combination is to have a blouse/ shirt/tee and always put on top a sweater/ cardigan or shirt – depending on the combination. Like this, when the air conditioning is too cold, you can everything, when the temperature is getting higher, you can easily take something off.

Extra Traveling „Chics“

  • An original scarf – to keep you warm if necessary
  • A cool hat – great for both wind, cold and powerful hat
  • Trendy bracelets – however, be sure that they are easy to remove them, thinking of the security control in the airport.

Traveling tips, denim black







Don’t forget: to smile, to dream and to take your passport!

Bon voyage & Happy happy Joy joy!

Photos: Manuela Ruiz


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    I love this look and I will definitely try some leather pants.
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