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Lace has something sexy by nature. A black lace can born many desires for its femininity and sensuality. Borrowed from the intimate of any lingerie, this beautiful lace is now revealed on our clothing. This fall, fashion brands are inviting us to leave the shyness behind and relieve some hearty lingerie as tops, dresses, skirts and even shorts.

Lingerie lace girl

3 tips for wearing the Lingerie Trend

  • Wear it next to basic, absolutely casual items. Try for example, a lingerie dress with a warm sweater or sweatshirt.
  • Respect the same color line. If the lingerie is black mix it also with black and dark shades so you keep that beautiful element of style but not drawing too much attention.
  • If you lack courage to just show it of, wear it with tights. Black tights if the lace of the skirt is also black and the effect is still there, no worries.

I selected the best examples of the lingerie trend, so you can feel inspired. Enjoy them ♥

Dress with lace lingerie and blazer

Grey Combo

Lace lingerie inspiration

Black jacket

Lace inspiration dress

Black lace leather coat on blonde girl

Colorful sweaters

Blue lace sweater for a fashion girl

Vintage collage lingerie dress

Photos from: SayCooper, Stylescrapbook, Quinn Cooper, Samanta93.tumblr, Ladyaddict, Collagevintage
And being a shoe-addict, I just couldn’t hold myself

Lace stiletto shoes

Lace stiletto shoes

Happy happy Joy joy!

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