The plaid, tartán, kariert … is the trend everywhere!

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If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m telling you: these days everything goes in „squares”. Yes – it is about the plaid trend. I’m almost sure that everybody has at least something in her/his closet in this pattern. However, if you find yourself in the situation of not having really anything in your wardrobe, you can choose from the following 3 options:

  • Something new. Buy something new right now. Depending on your budget and of course the characteristics of the product, you can go for a coat, a shirt, skirt or just a scarf.
  • Something old. Buy something vintage right now. This pattern seems so be old as the fashion and I have no doubt you can find a great variety of items in any Second hand store. Oh, sorry, vintage store – well, name it as you want.
  • The New Old Sexy. Go to your brother’s or boyfriend’s closet and just borrow something from him. This is what I have done. OK, I shouln’t have said “something” since the plaid is so eternal pattern for underwear. I should have mentioned Shirt or scarf. But it is good that this aspect is more clear now.

Shop the new

Tartan shirt from h&m


Zara plaid fashion


Red Mango pants


Mango dress tartan


Stella McCartney tartan plaid print

Stella McCartney

Asos plaid coat


Topshop tartan coat and bag for a casual look


Zara casual look


And why not?

Asos fashion

And something different from Asos

Happy happy Joy joy!

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