The plaid shirt. Wear it masculine

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You asked for more advices on how to wear his shirts -> and I’m here with them!

This plaid shirt is from my boyfriend’s closet. Actually, it is not the first time when I stick my nose into his wardrobe. I have to admit that I love wearing his T-shirts and masculine shirts. And for some unclear reasons to me, I feel extremely sexy in them and for example, during summer, I love to wear denim shorts and his loose T-shirt.

Girl in masculin plaid shirt

How to wear your boyfriend’s shirt?

Simple: Match it feminine items or just clothes that reveal your best parts.
Mix it with a short skirt, short pants, or skinny if you have criminal legs.
If your waist line is your proud, than, add a cool, sexy, feminine belt.

Not to mention, if you have from a medium to small chest, you can leave some button open – it will create a super sensual effect

If you have big breasts, don’t leave any button open, at least not in public. It will lose the “elegance” if you know what I mean.

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Happy happy Joy joy!
Photos by: Manuela Ruiz

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