Casual Saturday – Ripped jeans, red sweater and some leopard

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Today I have the pleasure to answer to another big question from my fans:

How to wear animal print shoes?

One version is leopard + red + ripped jeans combination. As you can see from the photos, I matched that super cozy, red pullover with the leopard sneakers and my addictive ripped jeans. Turns out to be a modern and comfortable outfit.

Where to wear this?

I’m telling you honestly that I was wearing this outfit this morning, when I went to buy some croissants for breakfast and a shower curtain for bathroom, not for breakfast  😛

However, you can enjoy such a mix when going to a cinema; when going out with your friends; visiting your grandparents; and even on a trip in the mountains. For a night out, you can wear leopard pumps or ankle boots, and it will have the same chic effect. If it is colder, just add a beige or brown jacket or coat. The ripped jeans and the animal print are also a very trendy combination.

P.S.: You can also enjoy (or not) my no make-up face. Well, I admit that I wear concealer but without it, I’m not going out of the house 😀

P.S.S: Sorry about the photos for not being professional. They are made with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy II Plus. But somehow, I feel that mobile photos have their own effect, of being more natural, more spontaneous.

Ripped jeans, red sweater and leopard sneakers

Enjoy my “Going for croissants” look

Red vespa with a girl in jeans and animal print

Girl in jeans wearing red sweater next to a vespa

Leopard sneakers ripped jeans


Red flowers and ripped jeans

Flowers, jeans and animal print shoes

Ripped jeans and red sweater

Leopard sneakers and ripped jeans

Happy happy joy joy!


  1. Maria

    at 4:21 pm

    I love the photos and your outfit! You look so chic and fresh! :*

  2. Ramona

    at 12:11 pm

    Me encanta este outfit!!! estás preciosa!!!!!!

  3. Ghituleasa Carmen

    at 10:11 am

    So cute! I love the jeans!

  4. Prink

    at 9:27 am

    Wow love your outfit, you look great wearing sweater with jeans, and you’re so sexy wearing sockless sneakers, I’m about to explode!! Your look is cute and beautiful, as you’re a wonderful girl. Kisses darling!

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