Going to a date? Wear your smile and some red shoes

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Hola everyone, Finding the perfect half can be hard, time-consuming and maybe even discouraging. But, like in many situations in life, the secret is to not give up and be yourself. When you were little and you were trying to walk, at first you crawled, then you stumbled for a while but in the end, you did it. And look at you these days, how elegant and feminine are you stepping even in those 10 cm high-heels!

In love, it is the same: it didn’t work the last one, and neither the one before, so what? Just smile and be open and prepared for a new date! I would like to remember you the most important aspects on a date:

  • First of all, be yourself – everyone else is already taking.
  • Secondly, wear a smile.
  • Thirdly, wear your own tastes.

Well, as you can see, until now I said almost nothing about clothing. And the reason is that the most important thing is to be yourself and nobody else instead. And if you really like the date partner, your smile will definitely say more than any brand dress. Then, you don’t have to transform over night just to seduce him/her either. Because, in general, magic has a short deadline.

How to dress for a date in black blouse and a necklace

Style Advices for how to dress to a date

  1. Focus on what you like most about you.
    If you like your legs, go for some skinnies or a normal length skirt. The skirt should not be too short either, because you do not want to give everything from the first look, right? Wearing what makes you feel good is important because you will feel more confident. And confidence is sexy.
  2. Wear a pop of color.
    Some red shoes, a colorful scarf, or original earrings… I read once that wearing something „tricky“ unexpected or special item can be a great trigger for guys to start a conversation. So, go for it!
  3. Try to be feminine.
    And you can do this by wearing a dress, a skirt or delicate blouse. If your style is boyish, you can easily add a feminine necklace or you can wear that sweatshirt that represents you but in a flower pattern. No matter the personal style, you can always play with details in order to have the desired result.
  4. My date outfit

    I also prepared myself for a date, but with my photographer, Manuela, just to show you how I would go to a date. In the following photos, you can see an outfit that characterizes me and I consider it to be suitable for any woman after 25. If you are 16 years old, the story would be different!

    Since my own style is chic and feminine and I am usually not showing too much skin (maybe except my legs), this look is reflecting perfectly how I am. I am all the time amusing my friends saying that “My assets are clear enough – anyone can see that I have these… and this…! I do not have to show them directly!”

    The secret of creating your own style is that you have to find those clothes that are putting the spotlight on  what you have best, and correcting other parts. Some could say that my style is “conservative”, but sincerely I am telling you that every day I receive compliments from strangers on the street or from known persons. And I mention this not to brag, but to point out that you can be sexy, feminine and attractive with your clothes on!

    In general, I like to draw attention to my legs so I am wearing a normal pair of skinny trousers.  The femininity of the look lays in the delicate blouse due to its fabric and that nice lace insertion. By the way, if you didn’t know how to wear lace in a casual chic look, here is an example! The necklace could be a great trigger for him to start the conversation and if he is smart, he should tell me how beautiful/modern/chic/interesting/cool/feminine my necklace is.

    And in the end, I decided to add some fire on my look with those red passion shoes. Of course, there are more fashion advices for a date but I won’t tell you everything in just one meeting, right? I have to keep some mystery for you to ask me out again … well, better said, to visit my blog again.

    Enjoy my date outfit!

    How to match red shoes for going to a date

    Girl waiting for a date in restaurant

    Red shoes and black blazer

    How to dress for a date

    Black lace blouse from Zara

    Black lace blouse from Zara

    Trendy red shoes

    Girl waiting in a restaurant

    Grey and silver trends for fall

    Close up

    A black look for a date

    Happy happy Joy joy!


  1. Franziska

    at 10:38 pm

    I love your style. You look lovely!

  2. Iulia

    at 5:52 am

    ce fotografa norocoasa 😀

  3. Carolina

    at 8:29 pm

    Me encanta tu belleza y el estilo con la que la haces brillar y por supuesto ese par de zapatos rojos!

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