Style your old winter coat with a chic belt!

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winter is here and my closet seems to be not only darker but a bit emptier too. This is the situation when you are living in Spain; because of the shinny sun, you avoid buying too many cardigans, sweaters or parkas and gloves. However, I should get to attack the winter clothing because unlike Romania, where any building has heating, here you might get frozen after several hours in an institution because the heating is just sparingly. Meanwhile, buying new winter coats is not the same with buying some 10 euro top, right?

New face for your winter coat

As I always say, style is not about the money; it is more about attitude and originality. So, instead of ruining your Christmas plans because you really want a new winter parka, you have just to re-style your old one. How to do that? One idea is to belt your coat!

Chic and color matched belt

Fall in love with your old coat again! Put on top of it one cool, even vintage, color matched belt. What is a cool belt? One that has that “something”; maybe it has a metal flower in front; maybe it has some cool insertions on the sides. Or if your style is minimal, you can choose just one simple belt. Simplicity is also cool, right? Why vintage belt? It will give an interesting appearance.

And for that, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Go to the next vintage or second hand store and look around. I am sure you will spot something to match your coat. If your belt is too long, you can easily tie it in a double-knot. And don’t worry because you will get a “cool” look in an instant! Matching the belt with the color of the coat is the most important. There is no strict rules to do that, but you have to try more until you get it right. For example, one suggestion would be for a beige coat, try a brown or dark green belt.

If you have black boots, well a black belt will also be fine. If you have a dark blue coat, a slim light blue belt would also create a chic effect. And finally, since we all have so many dark things in winter, for a black coat you can choose a black belt but with some pattern on it; or a beige/ dark brown/ grey one. For this one you can have many possibility.

Get inspired in Belting you Coat

Take a look to this collection of photos. Pay attention to color combinations and style mixing. You can also notice that this fashion trick can be used in informal moments, on a daily routine, as also to more elegant events.


Coat with a belt from Vogue

Model with a grey coat and a belt

Cool grey coat and a belt with a black hat

Belt coat Kate Middleton

JCrew belt on top of the coat

Girl with a belt on top of the coat

Red coat and golden belt

Red coat fashion

Elegant winter wear

Beige coat with a brown belt for elegant lady

Red bra and golden coat

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Happy happy Joy joy!


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    Love the metal ones!

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    Imi place ideea! Am sa o incerc si eu. Pup

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