Be stylish and cozy in winter – the cardigan

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Hola, The Style Advisor Guidebook number 13 was saying to “Mix and match all your closet for a winter chic”, so we thought not to leave you questioning too much how to do that. Therefore today we are coming with many ideas about how to adapt those lovely and trendy summer clothes to the winter’s cold air.

Mix and match for a chic winter

The basic element of this article is the Cardigan. You can see how you can match it with other summer items so you be warm. And we also added some suggestions of “Don’ts” because we want to offer you a complete information. If you are curious to see more about the clothes, you can easily check the links to each of the items.

The Cardigan

The Grandad Cardigan  is so beautiful and so actual! This winter, the cardigan needs to be oversized. Forget of those tiny cardigans that they were so tighten on your body and covering only your chest and shoulder.

Cardigan denim skirt for winter looks

As you can see, your sweet summer dress can be easily be part of your winter outfits! The beige cardigan will definitely save you time and money – since it is so versatile and chic! You can find the first choice atMango and the other one is from Bershka, here.

Mango and Bershka cardigan, trends for 2014

The Glamorous Tartan Cardigan matches perfectly the denim skirt and with a black dress, it can be worn to the office too. For a formal look, you can try this black and white combination from SheInside or the sheer black dress and modern cardigan like the one proposed by Zara.

Cardigan office look in black from Zara at She Inside

Beautiful combinations for night looks! You can wear the cardigan in a very elegant attire like the one from  Tommy  but for a more casual and relaxed outfit, mix the summer clothing like Mango is proposing.

Night cardigan by Tommy Hilfiger

And if you really want to be trendy wearing a loose cardigan, you can choose one with a “sexy back”. How beautiful is this one with a flower on the back. The blue cardigan from Shopbop is coming with an interesting unexpected cut.

Cardigan blue shopbop, trends for spring 2014

A beautiful cardigan from shopbop, the store online with flowers for spring trends and shows how to wear for casual outfit

In the end, you can see a nice collection of some proposals of cardigans.

To be honest, it is so hard to decide which one is better: I want them all!

Cardigan by Shopbop, cool office trends for 2014

Here you find them: H&M – you can easily wear it for a night out! It is fresh and modern, with a spicy touch. The one from Asos is cool and fancy! I see it with a silver dress or even a white one in New Year Eve party. Why not? Shopbop cardigan looks so sweet and cozy, it is almost calling me to jump into it! I love the pattern of the Bershka cardigan. Wear it with jeans or leather pants. It is versatile and for sure super chic!

Tell me which one is your favourite?

Happy happy Joy joy!

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