Guide for being stylish in 2014 – the radiant orchid color

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My friends are the best inspiration for this blog; actually because of them, I had the idea to start Style Advisor. From their doubts, fears or questions, I have all the time new ideas for articles and fashion advices. And lately, not just one, but more friends asked me the same things: „Andreea, what will be trendy this year? “ Therefore, I now present you …

The 2014 Color – Radiant Orchid

Orchid radiant color 2014 – how to wear it

You like it or not, this is the color to be stylish this year. An important mis-matching that I can see of this colour is with redheads. It is a difficult combination but of course, the color is not that easy either. For blondes and brunettes and no matter the skin color, the Radiant Orchid is a statement of femininity, of power and self-confidence. However, no matter these characteristics, in the end depends of each one’s taste and feeling wearing it. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it, just go for some accessories and that’s it! Fashion is general, your style is unique, so keep adapting! 

Spying for the color of the year on Fashion Shows

Chic Casual at Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera, color of the year orchid radiant

Perfect radiant orchid blazer for work from Agnona

Agnona fashion collection

And this time an entire office look from Akris – that leather looks so dangerous

Fashion for 2014, what to wear from AKRIS for an office look

Mixing it with grey and black as Olivia Palermo does

Olivia Palermo wearing a hot pink blazer

Feminine shades of orchid at Red Valentino

Strong and sexy night dress fromstrong> Azzaro

Color of the year 2014

Color of 2014 – radiant orchid

Touches of orchid in accessories from Chanel

Accessories for 2014, Chanel trends

Accessories from Giorgio Armani
Color 2014 trends by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani orchid bag, trendy 2014

Shoes 2014 by Giorgio Armani, what to wear next year

How to wear radiant orchid?

Casual look

This beautiful, clean, yet powerful look is the perfect choice for going to the cinema with your friends. Stay comfortable, yet super chic adapting your own style to the 2014 trends. The ripped jeans can be the base of any casual outfit, and this pair from River Island have such a beautiful shade of blue.  Adding this orchid jacket creates a super glamourous rock style. The white shirt is the best friend of any blue jeans and with those colorful details on the shoulders, made it perfect for the whole entire. The grey snickers are as cool as the whole look and they should not make too much competition to the jacket. In the same idea I chose the white (with grey margins) bag.
How to wear orchid, the color of the year

Sophisticated Look

Dare to wear this strong color in a beautiful dress when going to a night-out or concert in a local club. The dress and its color are definitely the stars of the outfit. So, I kept the other main items in the same color, but different shades of grey and I added that colorful and electric bag. The Miu Miu necklace is so beautiful and the big green stone creates such an exquisite contrast with the orchid dress. Would you wear this combination?

Matching and wearing the color of the year: Orchid radiant

Office look

How to wear the 2014 color, radiant orchid, to work? I propose you this combination which is stylish and business and definitely not boring. The color of the shirt is very feminine, but strong and to be “calmed down” I combine it with black and grey. The watch would be a must accessory when being at work. Next to it, I add a feminine, maybe “the daily” bracelet – a modern version of any pearls bracelet. And i just love scarves.

Office work look with the color of the year trendy and elegant from Style Advisor

And if you have a romantic date, just choose a beautiful one shoulder radiant-orchid blouse with a skirt or if it suits you with a midi skirt.  But no worries, during these first months of the year, we will come back with more fashion tips for how to wear this interesting (and demanding) color.

Happy happy Joy joy!

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  1. Carmen G

    at 11:32 am

    Imi place aceasta culoare, e tare pozitiva din punctul meu de vedere:)
    Iar primul colaj e pe gustul meu…geaca e wow!

  2. Style Advisor

    at 9:56 am

    Si mie imi place culoarea si nuantele sale. Da, geaca e fenomenala!

  3. Melissa

    at 11:11 am

    Imi poti spune, te rog,de unde sunt botinele albe cu toc transparent, sau ce marca sunt? Superbe!!!

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