For the Office – why don’t you try the beige trousers?

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I can totally understand that black trousers are your best work-colleagues, but sometimes can be really interesting to leave them home and make some new friends? I would like to introduce you to “the Beige trousers”!

Style Advice: Beige Trousers to Office

 White shirt. You can wear them with a white shirt, but don’t forget to add some other colored accessories. These can be a belt, blazer, bag or even a scarf.

A dark blue blazer completes a perfect work look! Maybe you still remember how obsessed I am of the beige + blue combination. Just try it once and then tell me if it is not appealing color mix.

Brown belt. Beige makes such a lovely couple with brown. So why don’t wear a brown belt and even brown shoes!

Size problem? Don’t tell them that you are not slim enough to wear beige pants! Just check the last photo from Mango’s Collection called Violeta and its beige trousers – they are great!beige-pants+and+white-shirt-work-office-attirebeige-trousers-white-shirt-blazer-to-office-workwork-look-blog-beige-pants-to-office-style-advisorall-suit-beige-for-work-style-advisor


Model 1Model 2


Happy happy Joy joy!

Photo credit: Pinterest, Mango 



  1. sumitjadhav

    at 4:06 am

    Hey plz tell can I wear a black shirt over a plain white tee paired with slim fit light shaded beige trousers…how would it look….plz suggest something Urgently !

  2. Style Advisor

    at 8:47 pm

    Hello dear,
    If you want to wear a black shirt and beige trousers, I see 2 things to do:
    1. change that white tee with a black one. You don’t want layers of textures or shades and colors… a black shirt with a black camisole is just perfect.
    2. Wear beige or brown shoes. You will look taller and more put together.

    Don’t forget, keep it simple!

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