For a professional career, please wear a camisole

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Professional Look

Like it or not, we spend many hours to the office, working. And for that “office look” (how we like to call it) we need to respect a few and important rules. One of them which seems to be totally unknown is that at the office, the bra (and also its straps!) should NOT be visible. And this is where the camisole enters the stage! I understand that for many of you right now there is a moment of …”What?!” but trust me it is not a pleasure to see your belly (with everything that might include) during an important meeting, just because your shirt is too tight and the buttons are almost exploding. In the same time, during a financial reporting or a teaching course, nobody should see your bra either just because that silk shirt is a bit transparent.

Office looks need a camisole

Please, wear a camisole under that shirt or under that dress. You can avoid any buttons opening and of course you will definitely show a formal, respectful look. And just the fact you are slim, or you have beautiful (small or big) breasts – these are not excuses for showing your bra and your “assets” at the office. And after buying that sexy camisole, please remember that is a piece of underwear. No matter how beautiful and how trendy the “lace-lingerie-kind-of-items” are, please wear it under something; a least at the office.

Ralph Lauren blue label white ruffled silk shirt and camisole

Beige Bra camisole

Zara light camel basic tank top

Spanx blush black sheer camisole

Now, take advantage of sales and buy 2 camisoles – one beige and one black. You will thank me during the year!

Happy happy Joy joy!

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