How to dress for Valentine’s Day – looks for all ages

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Hola, “We are already in February?”

I was asking myself 2 weeks ago when I received requests about Saint Valentine’s Day looks. The truth is that my fans are (always) right, we need to take everything with calm and time, so we don’t get stressed in the last week. By the way, thank you all for your style requests.

On my Valentine’s date I want to look…

On this romantic day we all want to look really good. And it is not only looking good but I have the feeling that we, women, really want to look also feminine and elegant. It is a natural feeling since most of the times, this day begins (or ends) with a lovely dinner for two in a chic restaurant or in a super arranged living room. Having all this in mind and according to the uniqueness of each age, I propose you combinations suitable for this special day: starting with a look for ladies who are living their first celebration of Valentine’s Day and ending with an elegant look that I am sure my mother would love to wear it. Take a look to all of them and get inspired!

My first Valentine’s Day

How to dress on my first Valentine's Day

This look is a proposal for girls who have been touched by Cupid for the first time. Inspired by this lovely dress, I made this outfit thinking of a casual but young, fresh look for a special lady who is enjoying her first Valentine’s date. The colorful and sweet dress is matched to the “crazy” boots in a youthful attire where Instagram is a constant participant to any important life moment.

The Valentine’s date of my first true love

Valentines day look for young ladies: Red shoes, black skirt and beige blouse

When I created this look on Polyvore, I asked myself what I would wear on a date on a Valentine’s day. I thought that any woman between 20 and 35 (or more) wants to be elegant and feminine maybe more than in any other night. The one-shoulder blouse is very glamourous and has definitely an “wow” effect. The leather skirt is adding the young and modern spirit and it’s showing your beautiful legs. I guess the red pumps need no explication because they are amazing and full stop.

Living a passionate love on Valentine’s Day

What to wear on Valentine's day for elegant ladies

This look is a real statement of confidence. At least this is how I see the woman after her 30s. The dress is perfect for a special dinner in a beautiful restaurant. In a short review, I might say that it is shinny and glamourous, but not as much as a NYE party. Due to that V-neck line of the dress, I find that the Swarovsky subtle necklace fits perfectly. And since I am a shoe-lover, those metallic pumps are totally necessary! Again, the shoes are matching the confidence and beauty of a +30 woman.

Valentine’s Day for a romantic and mature love

Outfit for romantic dinner with your partner on Valentine's day

I created this look thinking of my mother – she would love such a womanly and beautiful dress. Maybe seems conservative but those shoes are definitely showing a modern attitude! Therefore, this combination can be ideal for any woman more than 45 years old. I like it a lot and if I had that dress I would just cut it to make it mini and that’s it! Adapting it to my age, and to my legs, of course.

Hope you find these looks inspired! If you have a different situation than a dinner for celebrating Saint Valentine’s day, and you are in doubt with your look, just write me!

Happy happy Joy joy!


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    Al doilea look e asa feminin si sexy! I like it 😀

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    Super! 🙂

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