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I would feel ridiculous to say that ”The Masculine Oxford shoes are trendy now”. They are not trendy only now, from my opinion, they are always stylish and together with appropriate clothing, many cool and beautiful outfits can be created. As I was mentioning in the article about the shoe trends of this year (click here to see the article), this model is on the collection of almost any important brand.

New Oxford

What is 2014 bringing new for the Oxfords? We can see new patterns, new colors, new kind of laces and so on.


British Inspired Shoes

So, as I am kind of obsessed with the British inspired shoes, I am very proud to share with you one of the best Oxfords for ladies that I have tried and they are from… Valencia! They are called MyBlüchers. Yesterday I had the pleasure to take part in a funny and cool event in an interesting space called Place Design Vintage & Co. Why it was such a pleasure? First of all, I met again my dear friend Ramón who is the blogger of “Como Hilo por Puntilla“. He is not having just a great sense of style but also a unique sense of humor. Many ideas occurred and I’m excited  about them. Then, we were treated with sweet and colorful cupcakes and refreshing drinks. But what is the most important, I enjoyed the diversity of the stores of that space – from new to vintage, from adults to children clothing, from coloured to minimalist items. And on top of all of these, we were all invited as “spies” to the MyBlüchers spring Collection.

MyBlüchers Spring Collection

Colors: pastels, the soft grey that I love and beautiful combinations as you can see yourself from the photos.

Shapes: The classic Blucher in modern patterns and beautiful details. For the sandals, I noticed the rectangular high heels and color blocking fabrics.

Quality: amazing! The quality of the leather is perfect since they are using the best leather ever, an innovative silicon and every piece is handmade.

Uniqueness. This is what I love most about this brand. They only fabric 24 pair for each size. Wow! This means that you won’t see another one like yours on the street, at least not in your city. And I have to mention that this is not a sponsored story, it is just the way I am: I am getting pretty excited about the things I love. You can see some photos from the MyBlüchers Collection here, but for more, visit their website clicking here: MyBlüchers. 

Spring has come… at least in stores! Let’s enjoy it!



oxfor-masculine-inspiration-shoes-for-this-year-what-to-year oxford-shoes-2014-ce-se-poarta-anul-acesta-trendy- mybluchers--zapatos-de-moda-las-ultimas-tendencias-que-se-llevan-este-ano mybluchers-zapatos-valencia-espana-calidad-tendecias-blog cupcakes-xsweet-and-heart-cupcakes style-advisor-heart-pants-trends-for-spring-and-black-blouse-for-casual-look shoes-oxford-style-and-zara-shoes-and-pants-with-little-hearts heart-for-valentines-day-pants-with-little-hearts-and-cupcakes fashion-events-and-bloggers-in-spain- And I couldn’t resist not sharing these beautiful necklaces. Yes, there are books-necklaces!  beautiful-little-necklaces-like-books- Happy happy Joy joy! 


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    Honey, you made a really good and huge work. Congrats!!!
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