2 Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is for sure an occasion when we want to look good for ourselves and also to shine in the eyes of our partner. Some time ago, we proposed you three outfits for the Valentine’s Day dinner in the article called “How to dress for Valentine’s Day – looks for all ages”. So did you think that we were letting you to prepare for the Valentine’s day … without no makeup inspiration? Of course, we thought of everything! Now, that your outfit is already judged and voted by your best friends, you can let yourself inspired by our makeup proposals.

In our wish to help you with this issue too, we asked Rena from BeautyCorner to help us with special makeup ideas. And since she is so sweet and passionate about makeup, she prepared for us not only one, but two makeup proposals: both captivating and unique according to each one’s style. Let’s see which one is your favorite between Baby doll and Sexy Sensual.

Valentine’s Day Makeup

If you want a subtle and innocent kind of look, focusing on the eyes and using happy colors, the sweet “BabyDoll” makeup can be your perfect choice. For the eyes, Rena used shades of dark purple, purple violet, pale pink and accents of a pearl finish nude eyeshadow. The lips are covered with a feminine and innocent color resulted from a combination of rose shades, just to complete the framework created by the eyes. To finish the “babydoll” look, she applied false eyelashes but with a delicate and natural aspect.

Take a look at our Sweet BabyDoll makeup

Makeup for Valentine's day, before and after

Foundation and Eyebrows

Makeup for romantic dinner, foundation and eyes

 Eyeshadows & Eyeliner

Eyeshadows and beautiful eyes, make up for valentines day

Tutorial on makeup with eyeliner and eyeshadow

After the false eyelashes and blush


Beautiful blush

Beautiful blush and makeup

And our Baby Doll makeup

Beautiful baby doll makeup for Valentine's day

Beautiful makeup for blondes and blue eyes

Make up for weddings and parties for blue eyed women

Sensual daring makeup

If you dare for a more powerful makeup, we thought that a modern version of the classic pin-up style would be the perfect choice. It is definitely a feminine and seductive look. However, as you can notice, Rena didn’t use the classic red for lips, but a strong pink. This change offer some innocent and playful air to the whole look, right?

The eyes were highlighted using neutral beige eyeshadows for the entire eyelid, and outlined with a black eyeshadow. The twisted part is that, on top of that black eyeshadow, it was applied the black eyeliner. So the final result has an interesting semi-smokey effect. As we can all acknowledge, our girl has beautiful big lips. Rena chose to highlight them strongly using a pink fuchsia lipstick and on top of it, a transparent gloss in order to add a drop of sensuality. For a more glamourous look, the skin was illuminated with a shimmering powder. Of course, we couldn’t forget applying the false eyelashes but again with a soft and natural aspect.

After and Before Sensual Makeup

Before and after makeup for sensual type girls

No makeup

Before makeup for black eyes and big lips

Preparing the face

Foundation and eyebrows makeup

With a soft peach blush

Blush for beautiful romantic and sensual makeup

Interesting eyeliner & eyeshadow

Black eyeliner and beautiful long hair

The beautiful eyeliner

How to use eyeliner for a classic makeup

And final Sensual makeup


Before and after makeup for brunette

Tell us which one would you like to try?


Rena from Beauty Corner and Style Advisor wishing you a feminine and romantic Valentine’s Day!
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