Marc Jacobs gloves – DIY project

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As I was looking for some interesting pieces for winter, I stumbled upon these gloves of Marc Jacobs. I really loved the idea of having polished nails on top of my gloves. And what does a smart girl do when she really likes something? She is doing it herself. So, I did.

Self-made Marc Jacobs gloves with pink nail polish

Marc Jacobs Gloves Inspiration

For your own Marc Jacobs gloves, you need:

  • Simple gloves in one color.
  • Iron on fabric adhesive patch
  • Scissors – to cut the shape
  • Button – to create the shape of the nails.
  • Iron – to stick the patches on the gloves

Step 1

Preparing all of the above and find a button that can recreate the size of your nails.


 Step 2

Cutting the “nails”. I used a button to create the shape of the nails. Then, I cut the “nails” with scissors.


Step 3

Iron carefully the “nails” but not directly on the gloves! Use an old textile or blouse as a layer between the gloves and the adhesive patches. Keep 30 seconds or as it says in the iron-on adhesive fabric.


And voilà!



Step 4

Enjoy your own Marc Jacobs inspired chic gloves!


I had my ultra chic gloves with me on holiday – here in London.


Happy happy Joy joy!

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