Love is energy and life.
We are love

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We are love

I am trying to write something about love. And after an hour or so, I have only words and beginnings of sentences and I still have nothing finished. And in this the moment, I have just realized that love is not to be talked about, is not something to be analyzed. Love is more than words can describe and more than any fancy, brand gift. However, we, girls, have the very fast instinct to associate diamonds with infinite love … which is not that bad, either. 

However, from the first millisecond of reflecting about the word love, to be honest, I think about my mother and the super strong bond that we have; then immediately after, about my father and then about my boyfriend, and then about many other persons, animals and even things in my life. And summing up, thinking of all of them is in fact thinking about… my life and my universe with all its relationships. So, what I see right now as obvious is that love is creating our life, it’s creating us. We are love! 

In the end, besides the fact that it can be just a lack of inspiration, my impossibility of talking about love comes from the natural reason that there is no better way to talk about love then living it; and describing it with feelings, hugs, smiles, appreciation, gestures and why not, even gifts.

What’s love for you?

Damn, I suddenly feel happier and with more energy and what I did it was just to think about love. Love is indeed magic. Now, I really want to know your opinion about LOVE, about your love! Tell me what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you say “love”?

Fashion on Valentine’s Day

And in this spirit of love and happiness, I am inviting you to enjoy these beautiful photos of a simple, yet glamourous outfit: red coat (I have dirty plans with it, maybe cutting the sleeves); black hat, silver stilettos from Zendra (love them!), silver bag and dark silver earrings. We all have, sometimes, that crazy desire of dressing a bit out of the routine of the casual, chic-casual, business-style or sporty, right? This was for me one of those moments. Hope you like the photos!




style advisor personalized advice to women fashion in red-blazer-and-silver-trendy-shoes




style advisor red-coat-glamourous-look-black-hat-the-best-photo



a beautiful girl in an elegant-clothes-elegant-attire-for-dinner-romantic-with silver shoes




style advisor great-black-hat-and-earrings-

Happy happy Joy joy Valentine’s day!


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    at 9:16 pm

    loving the silver heels!

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