The no-Makeup Trends. What to learn from 2014 NYFW

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Consciously or not, our way of perceiving beauty is changing in time and also with each new trend. If I look back at my high-school photos, my makeup is really frightening me, no kidding! However, in those days I was considered to be “beautiful” and I was also thinking that the super bright pink eyeshadow was looking really cool on me. Well, now I would say it didn’t.

And thinking of some famous lyrics of John Lennon “I hope I’m not the only one…”; I am sure you also had some “unbelievable“ makeup moments in the past which now are looking really scary. And we are still the same persons, therefore there is one explanation for this process: trends are changing and so does our perception of “beauty”.

Makeup Trends from NYFW

Of course there is timeless beauty, and it will be forever and ever considered as gorgeous and classic; but since we are not like Marilyn Monroe or Lady Diana, I guess it would be pretty useful to make a review of this year NYFW and see what’s new … or not.

Part 1: The trend of No-Makeup

Ralph Lauren: Where is the makeup?

Makeup for black women and blue eyes from Ralph Lauren

3.1.Phillip Lim votes for big eyebrows and nothing more

Makeup tutorial foundation: Blush and eyeliner

 How to Remake this natural look

How to makeup as a model at NYFW

Michael Kors reveals a fresh and basic makeup

Makeup style for NYFW by Michael Kors: How to look amazing

Michael Kors: Make-Up inspiration - How to makeup for casual look

What you need for the Michael Kors Makeup

The basic of makeup: Brown eye pencil foundation, concealer and mascara

Vera Wang goes for super “naked” makeup

Natural makeup form, beauty adviso tips for Asian girls

Hugo Boss Makeup keeps up with the natural trend

Natural makeup based on dark brown shadows and matte skin

Makeup tips for blonde and black girls: Inspiration from NYFW

What you need to remake this look?

Beauty advisor: Makeup inspiration from NYFW

More natural makeup: Jason Wu

Jason Wu makeup for asian and blonde girls

Makeup for green and blue eyes

So, please don’t let me the only one embarrassing here! Tell me how your makeup routine changed in time!

Happy happy Joy joy!

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