Chanel and Zara – the handbag fight

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Chanel has a power on us. The brand is really driving us crazy with every double CC we see. And one of the latest divine pieces is the Boy Chanel handbag.  If you don’t know it by the name, well just take a look below cause I’m sure you will recognize it.

Boy Chanel Handbag

Boy Chanel flap shoulder bag

Boy Chanel handbag fashion bloggerYes, this is the one! We have been seeing it to all fashion bloggers, in all possible versions – in grey snake, blue velvet, black, red, grey, white, small, big and so on. I am still wondering how all fashion bloggers can afford it, but this would be another debate.

Fashion News: Long live Zara!

Good news to all of you who can’t afford from 3.500 (eBay)  up to 7.000 euros the Chanel handbag, Zara is here to save our days and cravings! Yes, it’s true, we can’t see the hug of “CC” but I guess we are pretty satisfy with Zara’s “Boyish” Handbag for less then 100 euros. I am right? You judge!

Zara and Chanel imitation of black handbag for a casual look

Black Zara handbag

Zara and Chanel handbags with metal chain

You can find it here: Zara’s handbag.

See the Chanel handbag here: Python Boy Chanel

Happy happy Joy joy!

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