Coats and Macarons – Trends for spring

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The trends for spring are sweet and feminine. We can even say that we are surrounded by Macarons’ colors!

Colored Macarons

If you really follow the trends, you have to schedule for your spring shopping session a lovely colored coat  – as light pink or a light blue one. The idea is that we have to forget about that (old) black coat. However, you can still have some the approval for the beige trench.

How to wear the colors of 2014 spring?

One beautiful combination is to wear light blue, or sweet pink with grey. It is my all time favourite color combination: pink and grey and it’s is so beautiful. Just try it once and you will see how special feeling it can give you!

Another idea is to combine all these beautiful colors with black or white. It’s nothing new – to go chic and safe, just try to keep it simple! You can see below many examples.

Lovely Pepa amazing coat

Light pink coat

Pink coat from Le Blog de Betty Rose

Yellow coat for spring

Orange coat

Beautiful orange coat from Le Blog de Betty

Purple coat - Spring trends fall 2014

Purple coat beauty tips from fashion blogger

Blue coat on blue outfit

Blue coat and patterns - Fashion blogger style tips

Colored scrapbook coat

Which one is your favourite?

Happy happy Joy joy!

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  1. jane deehan

    at 11:10 pm


    what brand is the cobalt blue coat with leather trim?


  2. Style Advisor

    at 9:00 pm

    Hello Jane,
    Thanks for your comment.
    After some investigation, I found out it is from Miss Guided but last year’s collection. This link takes you to all blue jacket from the current collection:
    The LENA COCOON COAT COBALT is really cool, but if you are looking for an elegant version the JENELLE JACKET MARINE BLUE is more suitable.
    Hope you can find one that you like.

    Kisses :*

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