Please, leave your hat on!

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We all have some special things we are crazy about, right? After shoes, next on my “Fashion Bull’s Eye” list are hats. I know that it’s not easy to be a fanatic about hats especially if, in general, they don’t look on you. Well, this is an important step for a great style – to know what doesn’t suit you, right?

Milan Fashion Week  Рthe hat

What’s so cool about hats is that they can transform in just a second the style and the impact of your outfit. I have noticed so many times that from a normal, nothing-special look, just adding a hat, everything changed. You can also try it! Just go to a store and try a wide brim hat and you will “feel” what I’m taking about. You will feel that you look more … interesting, elegant and even stronger.

I often love to say that a hat will always make you keep your back straight. It’s imposing your body to stay on a very beautiful, straight position. So, go and try it yourself and then, let me know how the hat makes you feel.

Let’s spy on all types of hats captured by street style photographers at Milan Fashion Week 2014.

Wide Brim Hats

Amazing hat and red skirt on brunette street styl girl

How to wear hats, by Gala Gonzales, street style at Milan Fashion Week 2014

How to wear hats, street style at Milan Fashion Week in fall 2014

Masculine Style or the Homburg Hat

Giovanna batgalia hats, Fashion Week Milan

Trilby hats from Vogue at Milan Fashion Week

Beautiful street style hats and trends

Black hat and grey coat

Kepi Style Hat

How to wear hats, by Carlotta Oddli

How to wear hats

Inspiring yellow coat at Milan Fashion- Week

Balmoral Hat

Chiara Ferragni hat black at Milan Fashion Week

I was so close to forget another important thing about hats: there are the perfect friend for a “bad hair” day or even rainy day too!

Street style inspiration at Milan Fashion Week

Happy happy Joy joy!

Photos from Harper’sBazaar, Vogue, The Citizens of Fashion,


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