Colorful lipstick and gradient manicure

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We are back with a new article about makeup trends. Because you asked us so, we are continuing offering you the best beauty advice too. This time, our delightful friend Rena from Rena’s Beauty Corner is here to help us.

Spring in colors – lipstick and nails

Have you ever wondered how you can match your lipstick with your nail polish? It is very easy, fun and stylish!

Inspired by spring and playful colors, Rena’s Beauty Corner created five different looks for you. See how beautiful it’s to match your lipstick with your manicure! Rena’s showing us these “beauty” cocktails starting with neutral tones for lips and nails, to corals, browns, reds up to sweet shades of pink.

How cool  is this gradient manicure? Use different tones of the same color for a spectacular manicure.

Nude lipstick and nails

Nude lipstick and beige nails

Coral lipstick and nails

Beauty trends: Orange lipstick and nails

Brown lipstick and gradient nails

Brown lipstick and amazing nails

Red lipstick and gradient nails

Makeup trends: Red lipsitck and red nails

Pink lipstick and gradient nails

Pink lipstick and pink nails

Which one would you try for yourself?

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Happy happy Joy joy!

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