H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection and fashion tips

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These days I received a notification from H&M saying that they launched a new Conscious Exclusive Collection! Immediately, I clicked on it and in an instant, I loved it! It’s true that my love was boosted by the model, who is the one and only Andreea Diaconu, the gorgeous and talented Romanian model. Hashtag of the moment #meveryproud!

H&M Natural Romantic Collection

Keep looking to the collection, and I was more excited and craving even more with each outfit. Starting with a short, romantic white lace dress with an amazing necklace (yes, that is a necklace) stepping further into a masculine kind of suit (with shorts) and still going crazy with the amazing details of the blouses, dresses, just to end with those amazing shoes.

The conclusion was that I have to share this “beauty” with you! So, you can further enjoy the collection and some style advice and tips for my favorite looks from the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection.

Fashion tips and style thoughts

H&M lace dress exclusive collection with Andreea Diaconu

Where to wear it: to a civil wedding ceremony with stiletto; to theater with elegant shoes. Pay attention that the dress is see-through; wear a mini slip under it. Love the necklace too!

How to wear it: you can also style this outfit with boots and a denim jacket for an urban bohemian look.

Beige blouse with Andreea Diaconu: H&M exclusive collection

Where to wear this: Exactly like this to a coffee with friends, day or night; to a party; to a book launch and many other places.
How to wear it: The blouse is perfect especially for girls with small chest, because the layers and ruffles create visual bigger breasts.

H&M eco exclusive collection masculine suit with Andreea Diaconu

Where to wear this: to a wine-tasting; to an art exposition and so many other places depending on your own style. Love the pants!

How to wear it: changing the blouse with a beige shirt, you can wear this to office. Match it with beige, brown and light blue. As shoes, pointed-toe or sandals are the best match.

H&M conscious collection white pants with Andreea Diaconu

Where to wear it: to a cocktail; to the summer company party; to an exposition; the blouse with blue jeans anywhere.

How to wear it: the blouse can be worn with ripped jeans, or different colored skirts. The white pants can be transform into something more casual with one color and no-print blouses.

Shorts from H&M with Andreea Diaconu

Where to wear this: to the cinema with flats/loafers; with elegant shoes you can go to even more elegant places.

How to wear it: you can wear these pants with almost anything: basic t-shirts, shirts, tops, jumpers and so on.

Turban night dress: H&M exclusive collection with Andreea Diaconu

Mega love the turban!

Where to where it: to a wedding; to a black-tie fancy event and so on.

How to wear it: you can add a thin belt to highlight the waistline. If you don’t want to wear the turban, you can also add a beautiful necklace.

On stores from 10th April

Looking forward to see the products in stores and style them!

If you have questions on how to wear different items, you know you can write me on your own Style Advisor account! Don’t have one? Join now by clicking here! 

Happy happy Joy joy!

Photo credit: H&M

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