Leather skirt and orange blazer. Yes, to the office

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Spring is here, so the tights are there; far away in the closet! From now on we can free our legs and enjoy the most elegant outfits. Let the skirts’ time begin!

Office outfits

Through our conversations on the Style Advisor platform, I receive many questions and inspiration from you (thank you!). One of them was about wearing leather skirts at work; others asked me how not to be boring in white shirts; another one was referring to bold colors to work and of course, many of you are telling me how crazy you are for bags. Well, this outfit says almost everything about the doubts you had.

How to wear leather skirts?

Leather sounds so daring and dangerous, doesn’t it? However, if you have a pencil leather skirt you can match it with a basic white shirt to look elegant and appropriate for the office.

If you want to buy a leather skirt for a formal look, pay attention for it not to be either mini, or too tight. It has to be comfortable enough to walk easily.

White shirt

As you can see from my photos, when wearing white shirt with leather, the outfit becomes pretty chic. The leather is not that daring anymore, and the shirt seems to be more interesting. The bold color of the blazer is also helpful and you can add a beautiful necklace so there is nothing boring about it.

Colorful handbag

I bought this handbag two days ago, from Parfois. I saw it and it was love at first sight. I love the shape, the design and even more the combination between the floral pattern and the simple black. I’m sure that this spring, it will be my everyday handbag to the office.

Makeup and hair

Thinking of a business look, I kept my makeup natural. Well, not 100% natural, but I used shades of beige, brown, my daily eyeliner, mascara and of course blush. For lips, I’m wearing just a colored lip balm since I don’t like to have a strong lipstick to the office.

If you are one of those girls who are touching, moving and arranging (or not) their hair each minute (like I am), you can do this kind of half-up style.

Hope you find these pieces of advice useful!

Orange blazer office outfit

Looks for office: Leather skirt, white shirt and red bag

Makeup for office: Beautiful work fashion

Leather skirt, white shirt and blazer for the office

Looks for the office: Black skirt, white shirt and orange red blazer

Geanta bags for work, black colors for office

Red blazer office attire, leather skirt and white shirt

Fashion tips for women: Handbag colors, black office work fashion

Women jacket and leather skirt for the office

Orange blazer, white shirt and skirt for office attire

Makeup for office: Fashion tips and red blazer

Shoes by zara for office look, leather skirt and black colored bag

What I’m wearing:

Shoes: Zara;
Leather skirt: FrenchConnection;
Blazer – gorgeous from Mango- similar here;
Shirt: similar here;
Handbag: Parfois;

Happy happy Joy joy!


  1. mihaela

    at 9:44 am

    Beautiful look and impeccable natural makeup. The bag is gorgeous as print and shape!

    • Style Advisor

      at 8:41 am

      Hey Mihaela,

      Happy to hear that and thank you very much!

  2. Alina

    at 1:20 pm

    You look stunning! And I notice your photos are getting better! Do you have a personal assistant? 🙂 :***

    • Style Advisor

      at 8:46 am

      Hello Alina,

      Thank you!! Well, I don’t have (yet) a real personal assistant, but great friends and a great photographer (to-be) 🙂 So, I would say “stay-tune”!
      Warm hugs!

  3. Sejleker

    at 12:00 am

    I think the skirt is a little loose and could be more tighter for fitted and better look.

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