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Maybe you have noticed that lately everybody became crazy about sports. If some years ago, fashion bloggers and models were screaming out loud how much they hate exercising and are so happy for having a fast metabolism (not always true), these days, everybody is promoting a brand or two of … running shoes! 

2014 Trends. Get running everywhere

If it is just a marketing strategy or not, it is really not important. The fact is that most brands are introducing sneakers, loafers and running shoes in their stores; and all fashion aficionados are wearing them everywhere and in any style. Being a shoe-fanatic, I’m not feeling that comfortable with the idea of not wearing my elegant mid-high heel shoes at the office with its sexy pointed-toe, but I’m definitely feeling super comfortable in my running shoes when necessary. I’m sure you feel that too!

The idea is that I’m not crazy about this trend, but since I am a very lady and I have to run from one place to another I have to admit that this trend is having a warm “welcome” from my side.

Fashion tips for running in your office shoes

Simple pattern. If you want to wear these shoes to the office or in a business casual style, choose a simple, one color pair of sneakers. Avoid too many colors and also a too sporty model. As you can see from the collections that I propose, they are all simple, closer to sneakers style.

Minimalist style. Running shoes are not as smooth as a beautiful pair of flats or sandals. So when wearing them, choose simple clothing, in a minimalist style. Avoid ruffles, combinations of many patterns and colors. Notice from the photos that so many girls are wearing them nicely only with black, white and beige.

Get inspired – Light colored running shoes 

Running shoes from Nike, Adidas, Zara, New Balance, Reebok, and Moschino

girl wearing nike-floral-pattern-shoes-and-black-skirt-grey-sweater-style advisor

Fashion blogger in white running shoes and beige coat offering style tips

Blonde girl in Adidas running shoes

style advisor in grey Nike shoes and pink suit office

Blonde girl wearing white adidas running shoes

Girl in running shoes in white and long black dress

Girl with Adidas shoes in elegant dress

Girl in a minimalist style wearing running shoes

 Black Sporty Shoes – Get inspired!

Sneakers and running shoes: Nike, Adidas, Converse, New Balance

Model on the street in black running shoes from nike with white dress and black leather jacket

Asian girl in New Balance look sneakers

Woman with necklace and chic outfit in New balance running shoes

Model in sneakers and beige coat

Woman walking in sporty look in Nike in white and black

Colored Sporty Shoes – Just see it!

Adidas tennis shoes

Model in red Nike running shoes for sporty street style

Model in sneakers chic running shoes from nike

Blonde model in brown loafers and office attire, How to wear running shoes to the office

Blonde wearing colored Nike running shoes and all black outfit

Girl in sneakers, colored running shoes from Nike

Model in green outfit and running shoes

Girl in running shoes Zara coat

Fashion blogger in blue running shoes and ripped jeans

Girl in Nike's wearing a green coat

If you want to see the prices and collections click here: white running shoes, black running shoes, colored running shoes.

Happy happy Joy joy!

Except the shoes-collections, all photos are not mine. Source:Pinterest


  1. Kathryn Clancy

    at 10:52 am

    I agree with the tips for running shoes in the office. Simple pattern and minimum style shoes looks nice, but I would like to say here -simple shoes are easy to clean and maintained long time.

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