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This spring is all about pastels. I know, it sounds like any other spring. However, this time, there is no escape and I am obsessed with light colors big time!

How to mix and match pastels

With grey. A beautiful and safe combination is to mix any pastel with grey. Being neutral, the grey doesn’t kill any other color and even more, it turns to be such a modern, minimalist combination.

With other pastels. There is no better way to wear a light pink skirt than with a light blue or light yellow. Just dare and mix more light colors. The effect is so fresh and beautiful, that it will boost your mood as well!

Avoid “rock” or “heavy metal” accessories. When wearing this kind of shades – blue, pink, green, it is better to avoid accessories in darker colors. Keep it simple with subtle, thin necklace and bracelets. To the office, a pair of pearls and your regular watch should be enough.

Black bag, leave it home! Avoid wearing your “all day” black bag. It is not that universal. There are times, as this kind of outfit, when a black bag would literally kill the beauty of the look. Try rather a beige or white bag. You will notice the difference.

Fresh makeup. Just to finish that beautiful spring look, try to wear makeup in light colors. Accentuate your skin by using the daily face cream with sun protection. Use blush and beige or light pink eyeshadow. Avoid smoky eyes during day. I even changed my daily black eyeliner with this eye pencil from MAC which has a gorgeous shade called Prussian.

Hope you feel inspired my outfit!

Beautiful fashion blogger in an outfit of pastels with pink trousers from Zara and blazer from H&M

Woman in pink trousers and grey blazer from H&M walking to the office

Beautiful girl wearing a makeup in pastels colors, perfect for spring

Fashion blogger in pink trousers and blue shirt: Beautiful outfit for the office from Style Advisor

Young lady smiling, wearing pink trousers from Zara, blue shirt from Chanel, and posing for fashion blog

Girl wearing pink trousers from Zara and H&M blazer

Office clothes, pink trousers and blue shirt: What to wear to the office this year

Beautiful girl smiling at the camera. She is a style advisor

A girl walking in pink trousers from zara

Beautiful girl with a nice makeup smiling and posing for fashion blog

 Outfit of the day:

Shoes: Tamaris; Trousers: Zara; Shirt: Massimo Dutti; Blazer: H&M; Handbag: old


  1. Elisa

    at 3:40 pm

    Hey sweetie,
    love the colors and the way you mixed them! You look so professional and yet so chic!
    P.S. Thanks for answering to my questions!

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