Bathing suits for girls with small chest

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Summertime is party time! However, I’ve noticed that when it comes to beach and poolside, summertime can easily transform into stressful time. Many questions and doubts arise: “Do I look OK? Should I wear a bikini or a one-piece bathing suit? Should I wear makeup? No, I don’t want to wear makeup but still…” and so on.

How to look great in bathing suits

The most important advice: Being happy is always stylish! Be yourself, and enjoy these hot and sexy days!

The right swimming suits for girls with small chest

I offer you some ideas and tricks that you can use if you want your chest to appear bigger. Take them as recommendations. Don’t work too much on being somebody else or, in this case, pretending you have a double breast cup size if this is not important for you. I do love women that are natural and feel awesome the way they are.

Fashion tips. There are three main rules for bathing suits to make your chest look bigger:

1. Ruffles and fringe. These elements create volume so the size of your breast is hard to be seen. I’m sure you’ve already tried it. If not, you have to.

2. Push-up cups. There is no mystery that push up bras are very good friends of the ladies with a small chest. For a greater impact, you can even choose a push-up bra that comes with different applications as ruffles, flowers etc.

3. Bandeau. They are so beautiful and they are specially created for you. Try various until you find one with an interesting cutout, or sequin to draw the attention to colors and design.

If it’s hard to understand the theory, take a look at the models that I chose for you. Pay attention to the details which are repeating from one brand to another.

Ruffles and layers

two bathing suits with ruffles perfect for girls that have small boobs
Shop here:

two bras from bathing suit with ruffles and strong colors

Play with cutouts!

You can easily wear push up in different models and cuts. Don’t be afraid to try something original.
two bathing suits in strong colors for girl with small chest

two girls with small chest wearing bathing suits in ethnic colors

Bandeau bras are perfect for you!

two models of victoria's secret in swimming suits with bandeau bra

girls with small chest wearing victoria's secret bathing suits

 One-piece bathing suits

You can easily respect the rule of “ruffles and fringes” even for one-piece swimming suits.
two girls from victoria's secret wearing one bathing suit with ruffles and in strong colors

two girls wearing one-piece bathing suit with push up

two models with bathing suits from H&M. the models are for girls with small chest.

two girls wearing different bathing suits. One is wearing a polka dots print bathing suit from ShopBop and the other one is wearing a bandeau with ruffles from Gucci

Go shopping!
If you to shop any of these items, just click on the photos:

If you have a small chest, save this article. It will be easier when shopping for bathing suits, right?

Now, take a deep breath and tell me: Which number is your favorite?

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