What shoes to wear this spring

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For many days now, I’ve been searching for new shoes; the perfect sandals for this spring. The search is not easy since I have so many requirements.

Spring shoes wish list

My spring shoes wish list looks very similar to a dating profile, but we do love shoes, right? I want mine to be comfortable, yet elegant. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses or even shorts, so some high-heels are an absolute must. Why? Because they make your legs look slimmer and more toned.

Then, my future shoes should also be rather light colored than dark. My spring wardrobe, and I’m sure yours too, has more colors, pastels and white than my winter clothing. My preference is to avoid black accessories when wearing light hues. It’s kind of an obsession, my very own, personalized style rule.

I want my shoes, or even sandals! to to have an edge. I don’t want to wear just another pair of beige sandals with a simple stripe around the ankle. I’m looking for shoes with that “wow” factor; but not over the top as I’ll be wearing them to office, but still, I want them to catch the eye.

In the end, they must made well. Last summer, I had a mystical foot irritation, probably created by stress. That’s why I’m really looking to having something that lets my feet breath. Which I’m sure my feet will thank me for.

I can hear my mother now saying, And now, you want all of this but for as little money as possible, right?  Well, actually not really. I’m willing to pay more than normal just to have something good! Come on, it can’t be that difficult!

Spring Shoes Review

I’m wondering, do you have your own wish list when on the hunt for good shoes?  I really hope so. To help you out on your next … adventure, here are my thoughts on some potential candidates:


Beige sandals, black sandals from Mango. They are trendy this summer by Style Advisor

All these are from Mango. The beige sandals are OK; they are fulfilling all the requirements however, this model is similar to last year’s trend. I like them but I’m not sure that they are as interesting as I want. And, brown is not my color.

Sandal trends in brown, white by Style Advisor and fashion blogger Other possibilities are come from a Spanish brand, Unisa. The sandals on the left are not that bad and they are even on sales from 99 to 66 euros.

Sandals from Zara, golden and silver for summer by Style Advisor

Love them and they’re both from Zara! But, in order to be happy I would need both pairs! Then I wouldn’t have to analyze what tones or jewelry I’m wearing on a daily basis. Surprisingly, looking at their prices, they wouldn’t be a bad decision: the silver ones are 35.95 and the golden sandals ones 59,95 euros, so a total of 95,9 euros (less than 100), not bad.

Spanish brands for sandals: Perfect for the office with comfortable high heelsThe Zendra brown sandals are really different, right? I think I even saw them in store, El Corte ingles, and if I remember well, I didn’t like the color that much. And the snake ones, from Gloria Ortiz, are really intriguing. Especially, nowadays when mixing prints is the best game in fashion! I can instantly imagine how well they would combine with a floral print dress or white blouse and jeans. Not bad at all!

Sandals from Topshop in pastels from this collection chosen by Style AdvisorThese from Topshop are looking lovely, right? I like the colors and their design but of course, I would love to try them out and to see how they feel like. I just bought some shoes from Topshop and I’m pretty satisfied. And, yeah, those pink sandals are kind of “too girly”, or it’s just my perception? So, I’ll be happy to hear your opinion too!

Sandals from Zara and Mango in trends for this spring and summerColored Zara Shoes : love the colors and the design. They are just Oh, My. But… you guessed; they are too tall for going to the office everyday. White Sandals from Mango: they are interesting, but again too tall for my daily routine. Waiting for a fiesta time to wear such beauties!

Next, take a look of some “Instagram” proves of my spring shoes hunting!

Shoes for this season. The best trends chosen by Style Advisor

What shoes to wear this year. Girl with trendy shoes by Style Advisor

I hope my thoughts about choosing shoes is helpful and I really like to know your opinion about all of these. So, leave a comment!

Happy happy Joy joy!

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