DIY espadrilles with pearls. C’est chic!

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I don’t know if it’s about the (infinite) amount of ideas that I have, or it’s just because I’m a perfectionist, but I love to change, redesign, and sometimes to ruin my clothes. In general, this is called Do-it-yourself (DIY), for me it’s just being me.  You always hear me saying “I would add a flower here,  I would cut this like this and …. “.

How to give a glam to your espadrilles

Like them or not, the espadrilles are so comfy that you have to love them. They are definitely appropriate for a casual style. However, you can give them a touch of glam if you buy a more precious fabric (like lace) or you add something girly yourself. I chose these pearls because they are so easy to apply. Take a look!

What you need:

  • Espadrilles (mine are from a local store)
  • Pearls
  • Thread, needle, scissors
  • Pencil to draw the line

Pair of espadrilles, pearls and thread for a DIY project

Shoes and pearls

Two important steps:

1. Mark with the pencil the line where the pearls will go. Believe me, it’s better to mark the line! On the first attempt, I started sewing without it, thinking that I’d get it right, but I didn’t.  2. Start sewing the pearls. Make sure to not make them too tight because they will go off the track. However, if you really want the line to be straight, just glue the pearls on!

Shoes with pearls

See the final result! I feel great knowing that I’m wearing eco shoes (totally inexpensive), and also they are unique because of my special touch.  And seeing my legs, I’m thinking it’s time for me to get down to the beach!

A pair of red slip with espadrille sole and pearls (Chanel inspired)

Eco shoes with pearls, inspired by Chanel

DIY clothes shoes and pearls

Shoes with pearls, inspired by Chanel

Outfit of the day: Zara shorts and his white shirt.

Pearl Shoes Inspiration

There are so many other ways to embellish your shoes with pearls! Look at this collection and get inspired! Please let me know how your DIY project went!

Shoes with pearls for women

Shoes with pearls for women, a trend this year

Chanel shoes with pearls

Elegant shoes for prom night with pearls, fashion created by Style Advisor

Happy happy Joy joy!

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