Pencil skirt to the office: color combinations and tips

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When it comes to ideas for office outfits, pencil skirts are always on my mind. They are so elegant and bossy that you have to love them. However, I recognize that lately I forgot about them and for such a long time I didn’t wear any.

Pencil skirt for office looks

After a girly debate, I got to the conclusion that this kind of skirts will never be old-fashioned if you really know how to keep them up-to-date with the current trends. If the “little black pencil skirt” is already famous, why don’t you take a risk and go for a pink one! I’m always saying that the office attire should not be only in black and white. Actually I’m constantly encouraging women to wear strong colors to work. They don’t look only dressy, but they also speak about you communicating that you are not afraid to stand out, that you are fresh, young and always looking for innovative ideas.

Pink pencil skirt – combinations and tips

So take a risk and go for strong colors to the office! If you want to see how to do it professional, take a look at the following photos. In general, pay attention to color combinations, accessories, shoes and the balance between the tight skirt and the chosen blouse.

Woman in pencil skirt at the office with white shirts

Pink pencil skirt with white or black blouses

Girls wearing pink pencil skirt with white and black shirts for office. Outfits by Style Advisor

Stripes are a great print for pink skirts

Girls wearing pink pencil skirt with stripes. Office combinations by Style Advisor

Woman wearing a pink pencil skirt with stripes blouse in an elegant outfit

Color blocking may be risky, but if you get it done right, you’ll appear not only elegant, but a real fashionista.

Woman wearing pencil skirt and blouses for office. Outfits by Style Advisor

Where to shop these hot pink pencil skirts:

Woman wearing pencil skirt from Asos. Style tips by Style Advisor

1 from Asos; 2 Asos;

Woman in office attire

3 Topshop; 4 from  Zara;

Hot pink pencil skirt

5 from 5th&Mercer and 6 is an Alexander Wang.

In conclusion, the main fashion tips are:

  1. If you want to wear a pencil skirt, choose a strong color.
  2. Match a pink pencil skirt with white, gray and stripes (or dots).
  3. When wearing a pencil skirt, wear heels! Your bottom looks better and you walk more elegant too.

All photos are from Pinterest or the named shop.

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