Bermuda shorts can be elegant. Office look

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You say “bermuda” and without a doubt,  you think to Ahola, and you think to that comfy look for the beach, right? Well, let me show you how you can wear bermuda even to the office!

Summer office outfit

Now that the thermometer is showing even more than 30 degrees, starts a new old dilemma: what to wear to office. If at a picnic or coffee with friends, it is so easy to take some denim shorts and a simple t-shirt; when it comes to office clothing, things are getting more complicated.

I now that almost all buildings have air conditioned and the heat in the workplace is not the same as outside. However, you can’t go dress in a suit as in autumn because it’s just not right. So, let me show you one possible look for office: the bermuda shorts outfit.

How to wear bermuda shorts to work

Besides dresses and skirts, these bermuda shorts are such a chic choice for office (and not only). I’m a huge fan; I have more than one pair and I’m crazy about them. Please, tell me I’m not the only one!

Fashion tips for wearing bermuda shorts to office:

  • wearing elegant high-heels,
  • match them to classic pieces as a white shirt or black blazer,
  • let them be bermuda and not the pool-shorts! In other words, pay attention to the length.

Enjoy my outfit and let me know if you like it or… dislike it.

girl waking wearing black shoes, grey bermuda shorts, white blouse and a black blazer for office. she is a style advisor

woman wearing bermuda shorts for office. she is wearing white blouse and black blazer and red bag

woman with a makeup for office wearing a white blouse and pink lipstick

beautiful woman in business style what to wear to the office. she is a style advisor

beautiful lady wearing chanel clothes and sunglasses

elegant woman dressed for office. she is a style advisor wearing zara

lady wearing black shoes, bermuda shorts and white blouse for office

elegant and beautiful woman wearing bermuda shorts and zara white blouse

elegant woman wearing a black blazer, white shirt and dior earrings. she has a business style

elegant woman wearing shorts to the office

Makeup details: now that my face is more tanned, often I resume only to the essentials: concealer (any time of the year), eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipstick (lip balm).

lady with a beautiful chanel makeup for office

elegant and beautiful woman dior earrings she is a style advisor

Outfit of the day:

Grey bermuda shorts – I also like these from H&MZara, Zara 2,  Mango, Topshop, amazing ones from Gareth Pugh, also business bermuda ffrom Vera Wang,

White ethnic blouse and Zara black blazer, Stradivarius black shoes, Dior earrings

Happy happy Joy joy!


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